Be Your Own Weight Loss Guru™

My vision is to help you create a healthy, fit body and mind in safe, healthy, effective, enjoyable ways.  I have helped thousands of men, women and children lose weight and restore good health.

It is not my intention to strengthen your ability to diet, but to educate you to listen and interpret the messages your body is giving to you.  One of those messages is to stop trying every fad diet and learn how to eat for your unique constitution and condition.  Doing so will leave you satisfied, without cravings, looking and feeling younger; more energetic; with better digestion, sleep, and emotions; and health issues will resolve.

I want you to make friends with food and to learn to eat mindfully and joyfully. Food is giving you life. It is not the enemy. Your fear of food is causing it to work against you.

Weight problems, like all challenges, have a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual component.

If you’re looking for another fad diet to follow, my approach is not for you. Dropping the dieting mentality is an important step in Being Your Own Weight Loss Guru™. Instead, make your goal balanced health at all levels. Doing so takes off the pressure, and pressure keeps weight on. Your body is a reflection of your mental, emotional, and attitudinal aspects.

I know you want to be in the best shape possible physically, mentally and emotionally.  It does not have to be hard.  Join me on February 1st for my Holistic Weight Loss Webinar

Weight Gain Myths

  • Overeating is the cause.
  • Too much good food is the cause.
  • Not exercising causes weight gain.
  • Slow metabolism is the culprit.
  • It’s genetic.
  • Carbohydrates cause weight gain
  • Low-protein makes me fat.
  • Vegetarians are all skinny.
  • My parents (and other relatives) are fat so naturally I am.
  • Hypo thyroid is the cause.
  • Menopause is the cause
  • Aging causes weight gain.

Join me for Holistic Weight Loss: Be Your Own Weight Loss Guru and learn why. 

Recent research shows that:

  • Obesity raises healthcare costs more than smoking or problem drinking.
  • 63.1% of Americans are overweight; 26.5% are obese.
  • Obesity is linked to diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Whole Health Philosophy

Weight issues are health issues. They are an invitation to change. They indicate a pattern of imbalance not only in body, but also in mind, emotion or spirit. Overweight conditions, like all imbalances, are supported by unhealthy emotions, attitudes, and lifestyle.

No two people are the same and that is why popular weight loss diets do not work. They fail to take into consideration the uniqueness of the individual. Balanced weight and health require your attention. Most people do very little to even maintain health and proper weight. When a health or weight crisis develops most want a quick fix or a magic bullet, which only brings frustration, wasted money and more physical problems.

Holistic in Scope

My Holistic approach finds the cause at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle levels. Once a problem shows up on or in the body, it has already filtered through the mental/emotional and spiritual aspects.

Your body is the vehicle through which you express yourself in the world, and it always obeys the instructions of your mind. Your emotions are feelings you attach to your thoughts. Your mental and emotional state cause you to make choices that create excess weight and unbalanced health. You have a Higher Mind that knows what is appropriate for you and is always leading you toward choices that will bring you what you say you want. Most people  don’t hear or listen to their Higher Mind. Why would you? No one ever taught you how.

My Whole Health approach addresses all the dimensions of your being. It is easier and more fun this way. When we have clarity of mind, know who we are and what we want; understand how to listen to our emotions; and tap into the infinite wisdom of our spirit, weight and poor health will no longer be issues.

There is no right way that works for everyone.  Many people wrestle with their appearance and struggle with diet and exercise.  There are far too many opinions and trends in our culture about what’s right for you.  We’re flooded with advice on what to eat, what not to eat, and how to eat, all of which is very confusing. 

Most people feel if they could force themselves to eat all the right foods and follow someone else’s rules they would have healthier bodies.  Often our childhood and cultural programming, and a fear of not fitting in, cause us to believe that what everyone else is doing is the right way.  Each one of us is constitutionally different and our nutritional needs, type of exercise and activity, lifestyle and desires are different.

There are many popular weight loss plans each offering the perfect diet for everyone, regardless of one’s unique condition.  Many of these plans contradict each other.  They each may have some merit and work for some people some of the time.  However, each one is limited by a narrow and fixed way of thinking.  Their ideologies and methods differ; however, their principle is the same:  everyone should eat according to the same rules.

Food has energetic, therapeutic properties and has the ability to give you clarity, emotional harmony, focus, and vitality.  Eating certain foods will eliminate cravings for unhealthy ones.  Food can reverse disease when you know how to use it appropriately for your unique condition.  And, yes, the right foods will help you create a healthy, fit body.

Calories Don’t Count

Many of you have been eating low-cal, low-fat, fat-free, and artificial foods for many years and still struggle with weight and health issues.  I’ve had many clients tell me their typical day’s eating includes a dry cereal with skim milk, a morning and afternoon snack of low-fat yogurt, fat-free cheese, and fruit, salad with chicken, fish or other protein for lunch, and a frozen, microwaved low-cal entree for dinner.  After months, even years, of eating this way they still have not lost weight even though their caloric intake is relatively low.

Calories don’t really count all that much in a weight loss plan.  Eating appropriate foods and flavors with the right therapeutic values for your overall condition will disperse excess fat, improve metabolism and circulation, eliminate many health problems, and leave you satisfied.  I’ve had many clients who tell me they are eating more food now, after working with me, than ever in their lives, and are losing weight easily and noticing improvements in overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

For professional help in creating an individualized plan, schedule a 30-minute evaluation/consultation, or call  412.361.8600.Holistic Weight Loss  creates the appropriate way of eating for you–one that is flexible, tasty, leaves you satisfied and free of health imbalances.  This program gives you the tools to access the answers you already have.  You’ll learn to listen to the messages your body, mind, emotions and spirit are giving you. 

Yes, there are new concepts to learn and implement.  However, once put into practice, you can use these tools in any problem area of your life.  This program is flexible, fun, inspiring, motivating, and will bring out the best in you.  Following a rigid diet plan is bondage. Holistic Weight Loss is ultimately about gaining the freedom to have all your choices bring you the results you say you want.

No drugs or deprivation

Willpower, sacrifice, deprivation and drugs are NOT part of good health or my Whole Health approach. Balanced weight is the natural outflow of being healthy and happy. Dieting never brings long-term results. Long term success is dependent upon getting at the root cause which usually is not about food.

My Whole Health approach educates, enlightens, supports, motivates, satisfies, and brings forth the you that you are wanting to be.

This comprehensive program has been created by Deborah Barr. It is based on her 25 years training and clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Healing, Nutritional Therapy, Food Energetics, Spiritual Development, and Attitudinal Healing, and addresses:

  • Understanding Balance;
  • Making sense of all the contradictory diet theories and myths;
  • Foods to support weight loss and balanced health;
  • Re-establishing metabolism;
  • Understanding and overcoming addictions, cravings, binges;
  • Non-food tools for weight loss;
  • How your mind sabotages your efforts;
  • Identifying conflicting intentions that keep you where you are;
  • Using your mind and emotions to reach your goals;
  • Many tips for letting go of self-defeating habits, tendencies, choices
  • The role of spirituality in health and weight issues.
  • Making transitions with ease and joy.

Take action now towards your weight loss success!

What Holistic Weight Loss Participants Have Said

I’ve been dieting my entire adult life and have tried different programs such as Weight Watchers and High Protein. The first things to occur were loss of energy, weakened immune system, hair breaking and falling out; nails becoming frail; and overall feeling of loss of well being.  These methods have left me looking old. With both I felt deprived and had insatiable cravings that were difficult to control.

I have spent a great deal of my days trying to find ways to be thin and feeling guilty that I’m not.  I’ve been obsessed about nearly everything I eat, worrying that it will make me gain weight.

After speaking with you in December and following your recommendations, I lost 8 pounds in the first week and have been eating regular, satisfying meals (rather than grazing all day) as you suggested.  Your suggestions for eating well during the holidays and while traveling have been extremely helpful.  

There has been nothing difficult about your suggestions.  My daily constipation; stomach pain, bloating, and indigestion are gone.  My face and skin look amazing with a healthy glow and the dark circles under my eyes are gone.  I can’t understand why this is so easy.  I am looking forward to my continued work with you.  I really want to understand how my attitudes have sabotaged my efforts for decades, how to transform the worrisome voices in my head, and how to eat joyfully (as you say).  Thanks so much.  Bernadette, Boston, MA  January


“I’ve been following the recommendations you gave me nine days ago and my stomach has completely flattened…pretty much overnight! It was almost magical.  Remember how I told you my lower stomach/abdomen often felt so large and hard …well it’s completely gone. I haven’t made a complete/drastic turnaround with my eating either. I feel a lot better physically. I weighed myself this morning and have lost 5 lbs. since I met with you less than two weeks ago. It feels unreal. I would typically have to eat close to nothing for a week to lose 5 pounds.  This is very motivating.”   C. B. Pittsburgh, March, 2016


“After two weeks on your program I’m eating a ton of food and am 10.5 pounds lighter. I feel thinner all over.  I’m delighted and I’m satisfied and I’m not killing myself with exercising.  Something is positively changing in my body.  You are just an endless resource of knowledge. Thanks!”  A.J. Pittsburgh, August, 2015.


“I am doing well on your program.  I have lost a total of 7 pounds in 11 days and I feel wonderful.  There have been many welcome additions to my diet and I’ve been surprised to find them easy and  tasty  I do not seem to have any problems and I haven’t been 100% dedicated to the program.”  L.W., Pittsburgh, August, 2015


“My work clothes fit better and my jeans are looser; I’m not as bloated; I like myself for the first time in a long time; I no longer fly off the handle, am not tense at work anymore and my moods are better. My blood sugar has been steady at 91 down from over 300 (blood sugar was 300 with medication) all in two weeks of following the plan you customized for me.” Connie D., New York


“I went down 3 belt notches and lost 7 pounds in two weeks. I’m no longer irritable and have more energy. My wife lost 5 pounds and my daughter lost 3 pounds, no longer looks puffy, and has had so much improvement in her asthma that her doctors took her off 2 of her 4 meds.” Paul S., Cleveland


“Being part of Deborah Barr¹s Holistic Weight Loss Group has been an extremely helpful and healing alliance for me.  I¹m learning a WHOLE NEW WAY to think and feel about food, and the camaraderie and support of the group are available to me on a daily basis.  Deborah¹s assignments are teaching me that I can grow and change, even after having tried many other weight loss methods.  And her recipes are so delicious.  I am healthy, peaceful, happy and satisfied.  I¹m losing the weight I wanted to lose, I can go to a restaurant and walk away satisfied but not stuffed, and I can actually share my popcorn at the movies and not resent the person sitting next to me!  Deborah’s emails ALWAYS arrive just exactly when I need a reminder or encouragement.”  A. L., Pittsburgh, PA


“Anxiety and depression are lifting and that wasn’t even why I came to see you. Not only am I lighter (I lost 7 lbs. since I saw you 3 weeks ago), but I feel lighter mentally and emotionally.  In addition, my energy has improved significantly.  Your approach to weight loss truly is “holistic”.  I am practicing your “attitudinal” techniques and am really noticing the connections between my mental state and my weight.  You’ve given me many useful tools.  I’m only sorry I waited so long to schedule with you.”  B.M.  Erie, PA


“Four weeks into the  recommendations you gave to me for weight loss and I have benefited in so many ways….  I have steadily been losing weight without weighing or measuring food or limiting my food intake; the new foods make me feel happier, content, sure of my self, more motivated, and I have more endurance.  My skin has also improved, and mentally I feel much, much better.  Overall, everything has improved.”  D.H. Philadelphia


I came to your weight loss workshop initially to lose weight, but it ended up to be so much more.  I often forgot about losing weight and focused on what foods made me feel good and the weight just came off.  It was amazing.  And it’s effortless to maintain my weight.  Coming to your classes has changed my life.  Sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true.”  K.S.


“….I’m feeling really good!  I’ve been enjoying walking and lost another 5 pounds these past two weeks.  Occasionally I think back to some of the negative thoughts that plagued me and they no longer have an effect on me.  I feel like I am becoming free.  I am seeing and experiencing new possibilities that are wonderful.  I no longer crave sweets.  I LOVE ME!  I feel like a much younger person.   I’m enjoying food for the first time in my life.   The ideas in your workshop have been new to me and I’ve found it easy to follow through on them….” J.D., Pittsburgh


            “I lost 20 pounds while eating large, healthy and delicious meals.  I now have more energy that is more even throughout the day.  I have also eliminated my problems with PMS & severe menstrual cramps that had required medication.”  J.P.


“I don’t know how to explain it–but I feel better inside. I no longer have feelings of anxiety about my weight since I began working with you. I’ve lost 15 pounds in 2 months even with eating many meals in restaurants; my blood pressure is now normal without medication; I no longer have to take pain medication; and people are constantly telling me how great I look. I’m amazed at how much better everything is since I’ve been working with you.” K. I., Pittsburgh


“I’ve tried every diet in the world. I got deathly sick on Atkins and my cholesterol spiked; Jenny Craig was so restrictive and expensive I couldn’t maintain it; with Nutri Systems I was buying expensive, mail order food that tasted like cardboard. Your approach is so flexible and I love eating real food. I am never hungry and have no cravings. My overall health and energy have improved. Best of all are your inner fitness techniques for quickly working through stress and emotional eating.” G. M. Boulder


“I’ve stopped fearing food with your very wise help. I never realized how much my emotions affected my energy. Now that I am no longer obsessing about food I have far more energy to enjoy my life. Thank you for helping me understand how to listen to my own body and emotions and eat for my personal needs. My work with you has given me freedom–a huge bonus to the weight loss and better health.” J. W. London


“Getting a pay-off from being overweight was something I never considered. Exploring this with you has brought me to a place of greater self respect and a much healthier weight.” B. S. Harrisburg


 “I not only lost weight (21 pounds), but my health has improved immensely.   After six weeks in your class I learned how to eat healthier.  I stopped all medication for my blood pressure.  My cholesterol has come down from 200 to 179.”  Becky Trunzo


 “I never missed a session.  My health, my life, and my knowledge of food and cooking have been forever changed for the better.  When I think about all the money I have spent in my life on everything, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that the money I spent at Whole Health Resources is the BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!”  T.C.

“With Deborah’s help, I’ve finally learned how to unlock health in myself by taking control of what I put in my body. My back pain is gone and I lost 15 pounds in less than 2 weeks while eating more than I ever have before.” S. Allen


 “Priceless is the word I would use to describe this workshop. I learned many tools that I can use in any situation to reach my goals. I look and feel better than I can ever remember, and at the same time am more satisfied than I’ve ever been.” C.S.


I especially loved the spiritual perspective.  It helped me understand my weight problems in ways I had never considered.  The food part was enlightening (and I thought I knew everything there was to know about food from my lifetime of dieting); however, all the mind, emotional and spiritual information and tips were not only useful, but instrumental in my quickly reaching my weight loss goals and keeping the pounds off.  Very innovative.  I highly recommend this class.”  M.L. Toronto

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