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Contributing to the creation of a healthy, peaceful, unified, just, kind world. This happens one by one. It’s my sincere hope that you will be the next one.

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Deborah Barr
Visionary, Holistic Pioneer
Founder, Whole Health Resources

My mission is to assist you in deepening your understanding of the relationship between diet, attitudes, emotions, lifestyle, and well-being. To help you find the perfection in yourself, and the meaning in your challenges and your life. This is the most effective path to good health and happiness.



Are you, your friends, or family members struggling with persistent health, weight, emotional, or lifestyle challenges? We’ve helped thousands of clients greatly improve chronic, acute and degenerative health conditions; lose weight naturally; create emotional harmony; and healthy, joyful, prosperous lives they love.


Since 1985 I’ve helped thousands of clients and seminar participants reverse health and weight issues; create emotional harmony; and balanced, peaceful, happy lives they love. I’ll meet you where you are and walk with you on your path to vibrant health and joyful living with compassion, respect, and an effective plan.

Herbal Remedies

Professional quality natural formulas for prevention, treatment, regeneration, and tonification; strict quality testing and superior potency.

Be Your Own
Weight Loss Guru

A proven body, mind/emotion, spirit approach that brings sustainable results. No dangerous drugs, dieting, or deprivation.

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Content covering nutrition; herbs; home remedies; mind and emotions; exercise; lifestyle; spirituality; money; and more. Themes are based on more than three decades of clinical experience, empirical evidence, and many years of professional training in the holistic healing arts. Every word is written by Deborah Barr; no AI.

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Summer First Aid

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