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Holistic Weight Loss Successes


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  If you want to achieve:

  • Vibrant Health
  • Reversal of Disease
  • Healthy Weight
  • Radiant Energy and Vitality
  • Youthful energy and appearance
  • Harmonious Emotions
  • A Life You Love

You've come to the right place - Whole Health Resources! Celebrating 31 years of success stories. Will you be the next one? 

If you haven't done it on your own by now, perhaps you need some professional guidance and support.

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What Would You Like To Change?

  • Are you feeling stuck?

  • Are you burdened with health and weight problems?

  • Are you repeating the same patterns and getting the same unwanted results?

  • Does it seem like you are surrounded by negativity?

  • Are outer conditions controlling your life?

  • Would you like to create more satisfying relationships with everyone in your life?

  • Do you feel as though something important is missing in your life?

  • Would you like to consciously design and create a healthier, happier, more abundant life?

If you’d like to reverse health conditions, experience harmonious emotions, live with joy rather than struggle; change difficult situations for the better; reverse negative attitudes and patterns; deflect negative people and situations;  and create a peaceful, passionate, abundant life, Whole Health Programs are guaranteed to give you results. 


What Constitutes A Successful Weight Loss Program?  Click Here   To read what past participants have said, Click here


Medical Endorsement

"Whole Health Resources provides an outstanding program that addresses a variety of health concerns, in addition to a solid preventive approach.  It has helped many people regain good health when other, less comprehensive approaches had failed, and has been a great asset to the medical community."  Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

 Read client success stores and what others have said.



What's stopping you from having radiant health and vitality, balanced emotions, and a life you love? Deborah's "Whole Health" Consultation and Coaching Programs offer personalized recommendations, support and the motivation that will help you overcome the negative habits and attitudes that limit your possibilities for success. Click here to find out more.

Holistic/Ho Lis Tic/ - concerned with complete systems rather than dissection into parts; treats mind, emotions, body, spirit; views all aspects as a single system, each influencing the other, including relationships, environment, lifestyle, life's work, finances.

Whole Health Resources is not a medical facility.  Whole Health Resources programs and services as well as all information on WHR web pages are educational in nature, not medical advice, and not intended to take the place of personalized medical counseling, diagnosis and treatment.


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