For more than three decades I’ve help thousands of clients improve chronic, acute, and degenerative health problems, and, in some cases, reverse them.  This includes mental and emotional disharmonies. I work closely with clients worldwide customizing programs to restore good health. I will help you bridge the gap between uncomfortable health challenges and radiant, balanced health.


Personalized Nutrition & Holistic Therapies for

  • Regeneration from acute, chronic, & degenerative disease
  • Offsetting the effects of pharmaceuticals and medical treatments
  • Maintenance and disease prevention
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Overweight and Underweight Conditions
  • Anxiety, Depression, and other Mental and Emotional Disharmonies
  • Aging with vitality and good health

Some Health Conditions I Have Successfully Worked With

Cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases, pain, cholesterol and blood pressure issues, PMS, menopause, and other female problems, depression and other emotional issues, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, blood disorders, HIV, aids, hepatitis, nervous system disorders, hormonal problems, infertility, diabetes & hypoglycemia, skin problems, chemical sensitivities, immune and autoimmune problems, overweight and underweight conditions.

I have a high success rate and have helped clients with many difficult and unusual conditions, some undiagnosable by western medicine.

Health and longevity depend on our daily nourishment. Many must not only recover from the disease, but also from toxic side effects of medical treatments.

Many clients use my services to create a personalized wellness plan for prevention and longevity, and to learn holistic approaches to work-life balance and resolving stress.

I work with clients of all ages who are seeking safe, non-invasive, effective Holistic Solutions for their health challenges. My youngest client has been a nine month old baby girl, and oldest has been a 95-year old man.

I use an individualized and constitutional approach and provide recommendations that will regenerate your body’s systems, including healing the negative effects of pharmaceuticals and medical treatments. My work is holistic rather than reductionist. Not everyone benefits equally from the same foods, strategies, supplements, herbs and medications.

It’s best to implement and work with long-term sustainable solutions vs. treating symptoms. That is my goal with clients with my holistic work.

I treat the whole person, working with complete systems rather than dissection into parts. I treat mind, emotions, body, and spirit as a single system, each influencing the other, and impacting all aspects of your life.

Holistic Counseling covers Therapeutic Nutrition strategies; an exploration of your relationship with food; and lifestyle factors such as stress, activity, work-life balance, sleep, and more.

My work is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine paradigm of healing that looks at patterns to understand the causes of physical, mental, and emotional health challenges. This 5,000-year wisdom is very different from the reductionist approach of western medicine, science, and many alternative practitioners.

I translate your symptoms into patterns to understand the root cause of your distress, problems, and/or disease. While you may have a rare disease, even an undiagnosable problem, you may still show patterns that I am familiar with.

How I Work with You

The first step is to schedule the Intake Session which is an opportunity for me to learn more about you; your challenges; habits; concerns; how you respond to change; and what you would like to accomplish with my professional help. We will extensively explore your case and get to the root causes of your challenges. I will assess your body’s unique needs in order to help you create sustainable and lasting well-being in body, mind, and emotions.

I will need your completed Intake Questionnaire and Assessment. You will be provided links to them after you purchase your session.

Purchase Your Intake Session Here

Sessions can be done via zoom, facetime, phone, or at my Pittsburgh office. I work closely with clients all over the world to customizes wellness programs that work to help them achieve their best possible health and happiness.

After I have determined your patterns, constitution, and condition from the intake session, I will prepare PDF recommendations for you which will serve as your blueprint for greater health at all levels. This takes me 2-3 hours. We will discuss your plan at your next session.

Follow-up sessions are usually necessary. Amount of sessions depends on severity of problems; how long you’ve had them; how you adapt to change; and other factors. Many problems took years to develop and it’s not practical to think they will clear up with one session. I will make a Program recommendation for you after the Intake Session.

Nutritional Therapy

Knowing what to eat and what not to eat can be challenging and overwhelming. There are conflicting views in almost all sources of information on diet. Current scientific findings often contradict previous findings by the same experts.

Food is a foundation medicine impacting your body, mind, and emotions. Food is therapeutic and has properties that can give you clarity, focus, emotional harmony, good health, vitality, and a strong connection to your innate wisdom.  It reverses disease when you use it appropriately.

Food is medicine; however, one man’s nutritional remedy can be poison to another.  Scientific nutrition fails to understand the difference.A perfect diet that will bring everyone good health does not exist. Accepting this fact is a good starting point for achieving balanced health.

Food Nutrients or Food Therapeutics

Scientific Nutrition studies how nutrients in food affect the human body. According to scientific principles all foods that are within quantitative caloric and nutrient guidelines have the same effects. Western nutritionists use ideas from molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to give dietary advice. Food does not affect all people the same way, yet scientific nutrition assumes all people are the same.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old and is energy based medicine.  It offers an accurate dimension to food analysis that classifies food and disease according to simple patterns.  TCM understands the ways specific foods, herbs, and cooking methods affect different types of people and ailments.

The essence of food is far more than the sum of its nutrients. Each food has energetic properties with specific therapeutic and medicinal effects that can be described, and surpass scientific nutrition. This is more important than combination of nutrients for reversing imbalances and creating happiness.

Everything is Feeding You

Your health and life are shaped by a variety of factors, internal and external. They include food, thoughts, emotions, lifestyle choices, environments, activity, relationships, life’s work, and the air you breathe. All of your choices matter.

Knowing this provides more avenues for restoring good health. A balanced and well-nourished life contribute to a healthy, fit body and mind.

All relevant factors that influence and shape your health are part of my Holistic approach, and will be addressed in your sessions.

What Results Can You Expect

Clients have consistently achieved health improvements; increased energy and endurance; desired weight loss; effective stress reduction; improved mental clarity and focus; greater flexibility in body and mind; improved digestion and elimination; deeper, more restful sleep; and more joyful, fulfilling lives.

My professional guidance and support will not only help you overcome poor health, emotional disharmonies, and lifestyle problems, but also negative habits and concepts that limit your health, vitality, happiness, and a life that flows with ease.



I am seeing results SO quickly!!! After following your recommendations for about a week, the redness and puffiness on my face that I showed you during our last session, completely GONE!! I could not be happier. My psoriasis is fading and my joint pain from psoriatic arthritis is very very minimal. I have much more energy and am just extremely happy with the results. I also wanted to thank you for helping me along this journey. Eating the foods you recommended that provide my body with nutrients has been much easier than expected. So, I just thought I would provide you with an update and that I am feeling terrific. As I said before, I could not be happier. April 28, 2021

Sarah Scott


“When I came to you, Deborah, I was one-third through my nine-month chemotherapy program after colon cancer surgery. I had lost 30 pounds, had severe diarrhea and didn’t feel well in general. 

The impact of changing my diet and working with you was almost immediate. Now, my whole attitude toward food has changed. I believe that my cancer came not only from a bad diet but also as a result of a very intense results-oriented personality. With your help, I have made great strides in becoming a more balanced person.

In short, you have made a great difference in my life. Today,  years after surgery, I feel healthy, strong and full of energy. I am a healthier, happier and better person. You have had more influence than anyone else in making my recovery a successful one — and my life a better one. Thank you and God bless you!”

Robert B., Pittsburgh

“My investment with Deborah into my own health has brought a pay off-well worth the investment. I gained tons of energy, clarity, self-love and digestive peace. Plus I lost the 10 pounds that I have been trying to lose for 10 years.

Although you can’t change 38 years of eating and thinking overnight, I’ve learned how to pay attention to what my body is telling me and to respond with healing thoughts and actions. With your help I’ve learned how to take really good care of myself and find the time and energy to put me and my health first.

I’ve taken on a new lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle or self-awareness, self-respect and self-love. I deserve it! Thank you, Deborah.”

Ms. R.M., Portland, Oregon

“The first time I went to see Deborah I had been chronically ill for months with low level, flu-like symptoms. I had used up all my vacation and sick leave from work and was going in, shutting my door and lying on the floor for as much of the day as I could. Deborah taught me to eat (and to cook) in a way that supported my immune system and I got better and stayed better. 

I went to her again many years later with a serious gastrointestinal problem that medical doctors had been unable to diagnose or treat after expensive and unpleasant testing. She quickly diagnosed it and apparently correctly, because the supplements she gave me and dietary suggestions she made were effective; within weeks I was completely well. I am again amazed by her knowledge of the body and how it heals. I would recommend her for any kind of illness.”

Dale Mendoza, NC

“I was experiencing bad fatigue with sudden drops in energy; extreme mental fog and cognitive difficulties so much so that I was mixing up words and, in the middle of a conversation, could not think or finish my sentences. I was absent minded, scattered and could not focus.

Anxiety and depression plagued me. Psoriasis was very bad, even bleeding. My digestive system was a mess with lots of gas, bloating, cramping and loose bowels all of the time. At thirty years of age I was not enjoying anything in life and felt hopeless.

For many years doctors stumbled over my multitude of symptoms with no clarity or action plan other than drugs. And then more drugs to counter the side effects of the previous ones. One doctor put me on Adderall which caused terrible sleep issues which I never had. He then added Ambien to help me sleep which caused disturbing dreams made me feel disoriented, like I was losing it, and I never felt rested.

After two weeks on your plan I had significant improvements in my energy, and the psoriasis and digestive issues were all gone. As I continued working with you my cognitive abilities returned; anxiety and depression faded away; and my outlook on life changed for the better. And I was able to eliminate medications. 

Your knowledge of healing foods, herbal medicines, and Attitudinal Healing practices is astounding. And your ability to target the causes of my poor health is remarkable—truly Holistic and unlike any medical doctor or alternative practitioner I’ve been to. You even identified things in my home and workplace that contributed to my poor health.”

Anna M.


“Hot flashes are gone, constipation gone, headaches gone, and sleep and emotions are much better. In fact, my doctor is weaning me off of anti-depressants. I don’t believe this would have been possible without your help in understanding how my diet was contributing. 

Your Attitudinal Healing processes have helped me to understand my stressors and to resolve them. For many years I felt anxiety coursing through my body and that has been gone since working with you. My skin looks better, hair loss has stopped, and overall I look and feel so much better progressively since I started working with you last summer.”

Rita J.

Los Angeles

“At the age of 37 I was diagnosed with MS. I was fortunate enough to see some of the best doctors in Pittsburgh. Their advice for me was to learn how to deal with a progressive disease. Healing, getting better, or even a positive outlook was not mentioned to me. Simply, they told me to prepare myself to be walking with a cane and living with fatigue. In no way do I want to dismiss the kindness or the knowledge that those doctors gave to me. Their compassion and comprehension of MS was quite thorough even though my future outlook from them was not the best prescription that I could hope for.

After deciding to do a search for alternative therapies (a term that I do not like, therapy implies effort, when did effort become an alternative) I found Deborah, Whole Health Resource’s website.

Deborah recommended diet/menu changes along with vitamins and a yoga/meditation practice. Within one month my life became mine again; fatigue gone, leg strength improving daily, mental clarity up and most importantly I became a believer that MS is only a small part of my life, not my whole life. 

Deborah was the only person who gave me hope; in no way did she tell me that she could cure MS or give me false hope that it was going to be an easy path to follow. However, she told me that I will feel positive results from my efforts and that I would keep getting better and better.

I hope this letter can be a grand testimonial to Deborah’s compassion, knowledge, and guidance. I have faith that her efforts will bring others to complete whole health, as they did for me.”

John Craig, Pittsburgh

“My cancer diagnosis was bleak. After chemo, radiation, and surgery my doctors had no more options for me. I was given 3-6 months to live. I then consulted with you and attribute my being alive today (4 years later) to you. I am a walking miracle because of Deborah Barr!”

Phil C., Cleveland