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Sensuous Sea Salad

Hijiki sea vegetable benefits the thyroid; moistens dryness; helps normalize blood sugar; builds healthy bones and teeth; soothes nerves; supports hormone functions; resolves phlegm; and is mildly diuretic. It is an excellent of...

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Hijiki and Vegetables

Hijiki benefits the thyroid.  It is an excellent source of calcium, iron, and iodine; vitamins B2 and niacin; normalizes blood sugar levels; aids in weight loss; builds bones and teeth; soothes nerves; supports hormone...

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Dilled Cucumbers and Wakame

Wakame moistens dryness; promotes healthy hair and skin; transforms phlegm and is useful for coughs with yellow or green mucous; softens hardened tissue and masses. It is rich in niacin and thiamine and has a high calcium...

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