Belly fat is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  Studies link belly fat to early death whether you are overweight or not. If you have belly fat, this study states that you double your risk of dying prematurely. These research findings can be found in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Western Science suggests aerobic exercise and a healthy diet to reverse central obesity. That’s pretty generic advice and not very helpful.  There are many causes of mid-body fat and I’ll discuss a few of them in this article.  For more information on this important health topic, please consider my upcoming Holistic Weight Loss Webinar.



Belly fat comes from internal organ weakness. Damp excess and mucous deposits, especially in the digestive organs, cause abdominal puffiness, distension, and bloating. Mucous and damp conditions can cause, and are caused by, bacteria, viruses, overgrowth of yeasts, fungus, parasites, edema, cysts, tumors and cancer. Cause and effect are difficult to distinguish.  Dampness means an overly moist or wet condition which congeals into fat.

Imagine a sponge that you continually add moisture to. It keeps expanding. When you dry out the sponge, it contracts. Drying the excess moisture and mucus in your digestive organs will reduce the size of your belly. Using food to reverse this issue takes time and you must be patient and persistent. Adding some health supportive products can bring results more quickly.

External factors such as living in a house with mold and other damp living conditions play a part in these conditions.


Food is the Biggest Cause

Some of the major contributors

  • Excessive amounts of raw foods, smoothies and juices
  • Greasy foods such as pizza, french fries, fried meats, fatty luncheon meats and margarine
  • All cow’s milk products. Eating fat-free or low-fat versions of these foods will make no difference in your belly fat. They are probably more harmful since a chemical process is used to remove the fat
  • Other causes of a continually expanding waistline are sugar, alcohol, yeasted foods, spoiled food, and too many complicated dishes or too many ingredients in a dish.
  • Poor food combining
  • Food sensitivities and food allergens
  • Some medications and supplements are additional triggers for belly fat

These are big issues and are addressed in more detail in my upcoming Holistic Weight Loss Webinar.

Health Supportive Recipes


Drying Dampness Reduces Belly Fat

Here are a few tips for reducing central fat:

  • Eat 4 or more cups of cooked vegetables daily
  • Include steamed leafy greens daily with a splash of lemon
  • Eliminate most fruit except for grapefruit and tart green apples
  • Eat roasted, unsalted organic pumpkin seeds and almonds moderately
  • Take Colostroplex daily. It has probiotic activity and improves gastro immunity, treats food intolerance
  • Megasporebiotic
  • Pau D’Arco Tea and Ginger Tea  
  • Oil of Oregano Capsules 
  • Eliminate cow’s milk products.
  • Use fresh lemon in your water daily.
  • Don’t keep leftovers more than a few days. Food begins to spoil before it actually tastes bad. When you eat it you are putting bacteria in your digestive tract. This is the perfect environment for yeast and fungi to proliferate and grow your belly.
  • Chew your food until liquid.


Of course, there’s more to the story. Deficiency of digestive fire and digestive qi (chee) will cause your belly to grow and many health and weight issues. Deficient digestive fire symptoms include watery stools with undigested food; cold hands and feet; clear urine; pallor; and others.

Deficient digestive Qi symptoms include loose bowels, general weakness, especially of arms and legs; food sensitivities, indigestion, anemia, ulcers, and others.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information in this article. This will all be covered in my upcoming Holistic Weight Loss Webinar.  Subscribe to my newsletter to receive webinar details. You’ll receive plenty of class materials and the link for the webinar recording so you can study and implement these concepts at your own pace.


Your Bowel Habits Matter

Most people don’t like to talk about their bowels habits, so I’ll start the conversation for you. Elimination is an essential part of good health. This means bowel movements once or twice a day that are formed. brown, and that float. Bowels that are too dark or too light may be signaling health problems.

Loose, frequent bowel movements and constipation are two indicators of poor digestive health, including digestive immunity.

Many say it is normal for them to have only a few bowel movements a week. This is not normal and contributes to a toxic inner environment and belly fat.


Remedies for Constipation

Gentle Senna

Stomach Caps

Aloe 22

2-4 TB. of ground flax seeds daily. Do not eat them whole. You can’t digest them. Purchase the whole ones and grind them yourself in a coffee grinder or blender, and keep them refrigerated since they can go rancid quickly. Real Cold Milled Raw Organic Gluten Free Golden Flax Seed

Chia seeds are excellent for sluggish bowels and are a high source of Omega 3 fatty acids, second to flax seeds. Barlean’s Organic Oils Organic Chia Seed

Black Sesame Seeds are a good source for minerals. are lubricating to the intestines, and a remedy for constipation. Dry roast in a skillet and eat 2 TB. daily sprinkled on food. Chew them well. Organic Black Raw and Unhulled Sesame Seeds

Drink 2-3 ounces organic Aloe Vera Juice without flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives before meals. Organic PURE Aloe Inner Leaf Juice

Eat high fiber whole, unrefined grains such as brown rice, millet, amaranth, and quinoa cooked with unrefined sea salt.

Chew your food until liquid to avoid food stagnation and putrefaction, and to mix the food with digestive enzymes that are in saliva.


For loose, frequent bowels: 

  • Take grapefruit seed extract.
  • Dissolve a heaping tsp. of kuzu in a cup of room temperature water in a saucepan. Add a pinch of dried ginger; bring to a boil; turn down heat and simmer 3-4 minutes.
  • Use Oil of Oregano Capsules
  • Take Colostroplex and/or Quiet Digestion
  • Eat only cooked food and small meals chewed well
  • Avoid mucus causing foods including cow’s milk products, sugar, and excessive fruit

These are a few tips for improving elimination. The overall diet must be improved to eliminate the cause and strengthen your digestive system.

Safe, Effective Products for Belly Fat, Digestion, and Weight Loss 

I offer some excellent high quality professional products that are effective for reversing some of the causes of belly fat and weight issues. They all should be combined with exercise, stress reduction and appropriate foods for your condition.

Colostroplex Restores gastrointestinal function and improves gastro immunity; treats bacterial gastroenteritis, diarrhea and other G.I. problems; reduces food intolerance; has probiotic activity. Works better than probiotics. Order here 

Quiet Digestion resolves digestive dampness and phlegm; treats gastric distress, abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, abdominal distension and belly fat, intestinal gas, bacterial or viral gastroenteritis; poor food absorption; motion sickness, handover, jet lag; useful for food allergies; regulates digestive qi (chee). This formula is rich in enzymatic activity. Order here 

Chzyme disperses dampness; resolves phlegm; dries dampness; regulates the stomach; reduces intestinal gas, bloating, cramping, regurgitation, nausea and diarrhea; treats gastroenteritis bacterial or viral; promotes the absorption of herb and vitamin products; helps food assimilation. Order here 

Six Gentlemen address fatigue, weak limbs, loss of appetite, gas and bloating afer meals; resolves nausea and vomiting caused by dampness affecting digestive organs; treats phlegm accumulated due to digestive qi (chee) deficiency.  Order here

Astra 18 Diet helps reduce dampness and phlegm which cause bloating and puffiness; reduces appetite, improves digestion, invigorates energy. Order here

Greenexcellent promotes weight loss, reduces blood glucose, increases lean mass. It reduces fats from adipose tissue, increases glucose sensitivity and has antioxidant activity. Does not contain caffeine.  Order here

Astra Diet Tea reduces dampness and phlegm which cause bloating and puffiness; reduces appetite, improves digestion, invigorates energy, and the fiber content of the herbs promotes digestion and proper stools. Pleasant tasting. Have a cup after meals. Does not contain caffeine or tea. This tea is NOT laxative or diuretic. Order here

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Consider some professional guidance for the right nutrition and holistic health plan for you. Schedule a Holistic Health and Nutrition Session and you’ll be on your way to better health and a slimmer body. A Whole Health approach is not one-size-fits-all. It’s essential to understand your personal constitution and condition, and get to the core causes of your health and weight issues in order to permanently reverse them. Sessions can be done via zoom, phone, or at my Pittsburgh office.

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