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Gentle Senna

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Gentle Senna Uses

  1. Constipation
  2. Supports normal digestion



  • Clears excess heat
  • Regulates body’s water content

This formula works by eliminating excess heat, relieving stress caused by sitting for long periods; moistens the intestines and unblocks bowels; relieves abdominal fullness.

Include fiber in your diet and minimize fried foods and meat.



3 capsules before bedtime or 2-3 capsules between meals 3x daily with large glass or water. 90 capsule bottle.



  • Microcos leaf* po bu ye
  • Japanese Honeysuckle flower* jin yin hua
  • Senna leaf* fan xie ye
  • Peach kernel* tao ren
  • Kudzu flower* ge hua
  • Magnolia bark* hou po
  • Bitter Orange fruit* zhi shi
  • Chinese Rhubarb rhizome* da huang
  • *extract


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