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NuLignan Uses

  1. Supports hormonal, bone and cardiovascular health by promoting the body’s own production of enterolactone, which has been found to protect against developing tumors and cardiovascular disease
  2. Enterolactone reduces circulating estrogen, and blocks aromatase, binds to estrogen receptors and blocks estrogen activity in specific selected tissues, enterolactone levels may mimic the effects of estrogen, when estrogen levels are high, enterolactone occupies and blocks estrogen receptors
  3. Reduces hot flashes
  4. Is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory


For hot flashes and for acute conditions use 2 capsules per day.
Maintenance dosage: 1 capsule per day
90 capsules


A patented extract of 7-hydroxymatairesinaol extracted from Norway Spruce Knots (Picea abies)

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