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Great Yin – 90 Tablets


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Great Yin Uses

Treats night sweats, afternoon fever, and sensation of heat with a red tongue and fast pulse
Can also be used for hot flashes, including menopausal heat symptoms, chemotherapy and radiation related heat symptoms, HIV/AIDS related night sweats and other heat symptoms.
A vegan formula

TCM Function

Nourishes kidney yin, Clears heat, Subdues deficiency fire, Stops sweating; treats yin deficiency with rising yang.


3 tablets 3x daily, between meals
90 tablets, 750mg, 10 day supply
270 tablets, 750mg, 30 day supply


  • Rehmannia (cooked) root (shu di huang)
  • Lycium bark (di gu pi)
  • Phellodendron cortex (huang bai)
  • Anemarrhena root (zhi mu)



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