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Nine Flavor Tea – 90 Capsules


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Nine Flavor Tea Uses

  1. Treats chronic and recurrent sore throat with lymphatic swelling
  2. Treats oral sores accompanied by thirst and insomnia
  3. Treats a symptom combination that includes facial flushing, afternoon fevers, chronic inflammation, burning feet and palms, night sweats, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, and impotence
  4. Treats dry cough and overall dryness

TCM Effects

Nourishes liver, kidney, stomach, spleen yin
Clears stomach heat and heart fire
Tonifies kidney and spleen qi


3 capsules 3 times daily between meals
90 capsules
270 capsules


  • Rehmannia (raw) root* (sheng di huang)
  • Wild Yam root (shan yao)
  • Poria sclerotium* (fu ling)
  • Asiatic Dogwood fruit* (shan zhu yu)
  • Dong Quai root* (dang gui)
  • Asian Water Plantain rhizome* (ze xie)
  • Isatis root* (ban lan gen)
  • Glehnia root* (sha shen)
  • Ophiopogon root* (mai men dong)
  • *extract



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