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AC-Q Uses

  1. Treats joint and muscle pain accompanied by weakness of the legs, hips, and back, especially post-stroke
  2. Treats degenerative diseases which reduce mobility and strength, including arthritis
  3. Use for traumatic and sports injuries: the formula works well for acute lower body (below the waist) injuries, and in chronic cases affecting the whole body
  4. Use for fibromyalgia

Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Dispels wind-cold in joints
Disperses stagnant blood and phlegm
Activates blood circulation
Tonifies kidney yin and yang
Opens channels
Relieves pain


2 capsules 3 times daily, between meals.   90 capsules,

Topical: open 3 to 5 capsules, add contents to  2 to 3 cups water and bring to a boil for 1 minute. After suitable cooling, apply the warm herbal liquid with a face towel as a warm compress to tender joints and/or muscles. Reapply the compress for up to one half hour, one or more times daily. When refrigerated, the herbal liquid will keep for up to one week.

Contraindication: Pregnancy


  • Clematis root (wei ling xian) 
  • Ginseng root (ren shen)
  • Siler root (fang feng)
  • Vladimiria Souliei root (mu xiang)
  • Ho-shou-wu root (he shou wu)
  • Rehmannia (cooked) root (shu di huang)
  • Lindera root (wu yao)
  • Chiang-huo rhizome (qiang huo)
  • Tang Kuei root (dang gui)
  • Gastrodia rhizome (tian ma)
  • Cinnamon bark (rou gui)
  • Ligusticum root (chuan xiong)
  • Frankincense resin (ru xiang)
  • Coptis rhizome (huang lian)
  • Blue Citrus fruit (qing pi)
  • Cloves flower (ding xiang)
  • Gentiana root (qin jiao)
  • Achyranthes root (niu xi)
  • Loranthus stem (sang ji sheng)
  • Angelica Pub. root (du huo)
  • Borneol resin (bing pian)


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