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Calm Spirit – 270 Capsules


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Calm Spirit Uses

  1. Helps alleviate stress-associated emotions, e.g., anxiety, depression, anger
  2. Relieves insomnia, restlessness, dizziness, spontaneous sweating, constipation due to stress, dryness of the mouth, poor memory

TCM Function

  • Calms spirit
  • Nourishes blood
  • Nourishes heart yin
  • Moistens the intestines


3 capsules 2-3x daily; 90 capsules, 618 mg.
270 capsules, 618 mg.

Contraindications: Individuals with spleen qi deficiency should take with caution, as loose stools or diarrhea may result


Three capsules contain

  • Taurine (366 mg) (L. Taurine)
  • Magnesium glycinate (121 mg)

Herbs (1366 mg)

  • Hawthorn fruit* shan zha
  • Chinese Peony root* bai shao
  • Dong Quai root dang gui
  • Poria sclerotium* fu ling
  • Polygala root* yuan zhi
  • Jujube fruit* suan zao ren
  • Ophiopogon root mai men dong
  • Codonopsis root* dang shen
  • Albizzia bark* he huan pi
  • *extract


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