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Aspiration Uses

  1. Relieves depression due to frustration and pent-up emotions
  2. Relieves chest oppression and constriction accompanied by lack of appetite, irritability, frustration, flank pain, bitter taste in the mouth, belching, epigastric pain, and a tendency toward constipation or sluggish stools

TCM Effects

Clears stagnant liver Qi and blood
Resolves dampness
Resolves food and phlegm entanglement


3 capsules 3 times daily between meals
90 capsules
Contraindication: Pregnancy


  • Blue Vervain herb (Herba Verbenae officinalis)
  • Pinellia rhizome (ban xia)
  • Damiana leaf (Folium Turnerae aphrodisiacae)
  • Polygala root (yuan zhi)
  • Uncaria stem (gou teng)
  • Gardenia fruit (zhi zi)
  • Albizzia bark (he huan pi)
  • White Peony root (bai shao)
  • Tang Kuei root (dang gui)
  • Poria sclerotium (fu ling), Cyperus rhizome (xiang fu


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