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Shu Gan


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Shu Gan Uses

  1. Treats food allergies and related symptoms including poor digestion, abdominal bloating, nausea, burping, vomiting and regurgitation associated with hyperacidity
  2. Has been used in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, chronic hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis and/or gallstones, acute or chronic gastritis, distention and pain in the hypochondrium, or abdominal pain in the region of the liver or gallbladder (lower abdomen)
  3. Use for gynecological complaints as an adjunctive formula

TCM Effects

Moves liver qi stagnation
Aids digestion
Relieves pain in the middle burner


1 to 3 tablets 3 times daily between meals
90 tablets, 750mg, 30 day supply


Curcuma tuber (yu jin), Buddha’s hand fruit (fo shou), Corydalis rhizome (yan hu suo), Vladimiria Souliei root (mu xiang), Nutmeg seed (rou dou kou), White Peony root (bai shao), Citrus fruit (zhi ke), Citrus peel (chen pi), Cardamon fruit (sha ren), Magnolia bark (hou po), Cyperus rhizome (xiang fu), Licorice root (gan cao), Moutan root bark (mu dan pi), Immature Citrus peel (qing pi), Sandalwood lignum (tan xiang)

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