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Akebia Moist Heat

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Akebia Moist Heat

Reformulated and is now Man Yue Mei Clearing


  1. Treats urinary tract infection or inflammation accompanied by frequent and painful urination
  2. Relieves factors related to bladder stones, kidney infection, painful or difficult urination, pelvic inflammatory disease, and prostatitis, cystitis, vaginitis

TCM Effects

Clears fire and toxins in the lower burner
Drains dampness (diuretic)


3 tablets 3 times daily between meals. For acute conditions, 3 tablets every 4 hours
90 tablets, 750mg, 10 day supply

Contraindications: Akebia Moist Heat is a short term formula. Weak patients may need a tonic along with the formula.


  • Akebia Trifoliata caulis (mu tong)
  • Pyrrosia leaf (shi wei)
  • Plantago seed (che qian zi)
  • Dianthus herb (qu mai)
  • Polygonum avicularis herb (bian xu)
  • Lygodium spore (hai jin sha)
  • Achyranthes root (niu xi)
  • Gardenia fruit (zhi zi), Magnesium salts (hua shi)
  • Soft Rush pith (deng xin cao)
  • Licorice root (gan cao)
  •   Saussurea lappa root (mu xiang)
  • Rhubarb (wine steamed) rhizome (zhi da huang)

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