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Cramp Bark Plus

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Cramp Bark Plus Uses

  1. Alleviates menstrual cramps
  2. Treats abdominal pain
  3. Reduces fibroids and cysts

TCM Effects

Vitalizes blood circulation
Reduces spasm
Relieves pain


For best results, take one day before and continue through the menstrual period 3 capsules 3x daily, increase to 3 capsules, every 2 hours at onset of cramps; for other applications, 3 capsules 3x daily;
90 capsules

Contraindications: Warming formula. Do not use when there are Heat signs, including heavy bleeding with the period.


  • Crampbark root bark (Viburnum opulis)
  • Dong Quai root* (dang gui)
  • Black Cohosh root* (sheng ma)
  • Bupleurum root* (chai hu)
  • Cassia twig* (gui zhi)
  • Achyranthes root* (niu xi)
  • Chinese Peony root* (chi shao)
  • Corydalis rhizome* (yan hu suo)
  • Peach kernel* (tao ren)
  • Ginger root* (gan jiang)
  • Poria sclerotium* (fu ling)
  • Safflower flower* (hong hua)
  • Cyperus rhizome* (xiang fu)
  • Costus root* (mu xiang)
  • *extract


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