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Jin Qian Cao Stone Formula


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Jin Qian Cao Stone Formula is now Stone Clearing

Treats kidney gravel and stones


TCM Effects

Dissolves urinary and kidney stones
Promotes blood circulation


3 tablets 3 times daily, between meals
90 tablets, 750 mg., 10 day supply
Contraindications: Do not rely on this formula as the sole treatment for kidney stones. The patient should be monitored and treated with a combination of TCM and Western medical methods, i.e., ultrasound.



  • Lysimachia herb (jin qian cao)
  • Lygodium spore (hai jin sha)
  • Bupleurum root (chai hu)
  • Plantago seed (che qian zi)
  • Polygonum herb (bian xu)
  • Dianthus herb (qu mai)
  • Red Peony root (chi shao)
  • Gardenia fruit (zhi zi)
  • Capillaris herb (yin chen hao)
  • Aurantium fruit (zhi shi)
  • Tienchi root (san qi)
  • Licorice root (gan cao)