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Stone Clearing


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Stone Clearing Therapeutic Actions

Treats kidney and bladder stones


TCM Effects

  • Dissolves urinary and kidney stones
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Diuretic



3 capsules 3x daily between meals

90 capsules, 695 mg. – Do not rely on this formula as the sole treatment for kidney stones. You should be monitored and treated with TCM in combination with western medical approaches.



  • Phyllanthus amarus aerial*
  • Bupleurum root* chai hu
  • Tribulus fruit* ji li
  • Gardenia fruit* zhi zi
  • Yin-Chen Wormwood aerial* yin chen hao
  • Plantago seed* che qian zi
  • Japanese Knotweed root* hu zhang
  • Chinese Peony root* chi shao
  • Bitter Orange peel* zhi qiao
  • Tienchi Ginseng root* san qi
  • Licorice root gan cao
  • *extract



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