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Ease Plus – 270 Capsules

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Ease Plus Uses

  1. Treats nervousness, insomnia, emotional distress, and headache (including migraines)
  2. Provides effective assistance for withdrawal from tobacco, drugs, medications, and other addictive substances
  3. Treats gastric acidity and ulcers, hiccuping or belching

TCM Functions

  • Invigorates liver qi
  • Sedates liver yang
  • Tonifies spleen qi
  • Calms shen


Concentrated Extract 3:1
2 to 4 capsules 3x daily, between meals


  • Oyster shell (mu li)
  • Calcium carbonate (mu li & long gu)
  • Bupleurum root (chai hu),
  • Ginseng root (ren shen)
  • Ginger rhizome (gan jiang)
  • Pinellia rhizome (ban xia)
  • Scute root (huang qin)
  • Cinnamon twig (gui zhi)
  • Rhubarb rhizome (da huang)
  • Saussurea lappa root (mu xiang)


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