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Backbone Uses

Treats low back pain, incontinence, spermatorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation, weakness of the back and knees, or impairment of hearing and eyesight when these symptoms stem from kidney yang deficiency

TCM Effects

Supplements kidney yang and dispels cold
Quickens blood and dissipates stasis
Secures essence
Strengthens the sinews and bones
Strengthens the back and knees


3 tablets 3 times daily between meals
90 tablets, 650 mg., 10 day supply
Contraindications: Do not use when excess heat, deficiency heat, or damp-heat signs are present such as thirst, red tongue, rapid pulse, dark, scanty, or painful urination, insomnia, red eyes, hard-stool constipation, or blood-heat bleeding.


  • Eucommia bark (du zhong)
  • Psoralea fruit (bu gu zhi)
  • Woodwardia orientalis rhizome (gou ji)
  • Cuscuta seed (tu si zi)
  • Cistanche salsa herb (rou cong rong)
  • Rehmannia (cooked) root (shu di huang)
  • Tortoise shell (from Chinemys reevesii) (gui ban)
  • Cyathula root (chuan niu xi)
  •  Acanthopanax cortex (wu jia pi)
  • Tang Kuei tails root (dang gui wei)
  • Dipsacus root (xu duan)
  • Carthamus flower (hong hua)
  • Myrrh resin (mo yao)
  • Cornus fruit (shan zhu yu)



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