You can Start These Right Now to be Healthier and More Fit

You are creating and re-creating your body, mind, and emotions with every food that you eat. The same choices that are contributing to your health challenges are also causing weight issues. Many of them have been made for so long they have become habit.

I know that you want to enjoy your life with good health in body, mind, and emotions, and, perhaps, drop some excess weight permanently. Are you resistant to changing your diet? Does your busy life allow little time for exercise? There are other ways to create a healthy, fit body.

You can instill new habits that will guarantee greater energy, better sleep, balanced weight, improved digestion, and overall good health. I’ve created a few that are relatively easy and that everyone will benefit from. Most of them do not require changing your diet.

Choose the easiest one first and do it today. Habits often fail to stick because you attempt to change everything at once. This can cause overwhelm and non-action. So start small. Acknowledge yourself for the new choice you’ve made rather beating yourself up because you didn’t do it all. Let your successes build over time.

It takes one to two months to make a new habit automatic. Length of time depends on your emotional state and how much resistance to change you have.  There may be times when you backslide. It’s important not to give up when that happens. Get back on track as quickly as possible. Don’t allow the voice of sabotage to give you excuses and justifications. You can Tame the Voice of Self Sabotage. I’ll be offering a webinar soon with tools to transform the voices.

Set reminders for yourself to take these new actions. Keep in the forefront of your mind how you’ll benefit. You’ll be rewarded with greater mental alertness, energy, and vitality; improved digestion and sleep; improvement of health issues; emotional harmony; and healthier weight.

Do not underestimate the profoundly positive effects of these practices


1. Chew your food until liquid

Chewing is the first stage of digestion and allows you to fully experience the flavors. Saliva contains alkaline enzymes. Chewing mixes the food with the enzymes and creates a more alkaline condition in your body. Most people have an over-acidic condition and this is one of the first stages of physical and mental disharmonies, including weight issues.

Most people gulp their food. When you don’t chew you don’t digest and assimilate well. Your stomach may feel full, but the vital organs and systems of the body have not received the nutrients from the food. Your digestive organs are forced to do the work of your teeth. This is why so many people feel tired after eating.

When you chew your food well you’ll be satisfied with less eliminating the impulse to overeat; digestion and assimilation will improve; you’ll have more energy; and you’ll lose weight. Chewing creates stronger teeth and gums by stimulating circulation of blood and energy to them


2. Drink warm tea after meals

Ginger, peppermint, spearmint, fennel, chamomile, and Astra teas act as digestive aids. They help improve absorption and stomach function, and some of them eradicate bacteria, yeast, and mucus from your organs. Many digestive issues such as bloating, gas, cramping, and erratic bowels will be eliminated. And you’ll have fewer cravings which often occur because of poor assimilation. 


3. Avoid eating for three hours before bed

Sleep is the time when your body renews and restores itself. When you eat close to bedtime your body’s energy is working to digest food rather than for renewal and regeneration.

Going to bed with a full stomach causes food to stagnate in your body. Your organs have to work extra hard while you’re sleeping. And it’s difficult to digest when you’re lying down. You will not feel rested upon awakening.

To sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed, go to bed with an empty stomach. You’ll give your organs a needed rest, improve many health issues, and lose weight more easily.


4. Take a 15-30 minute walk after eating

This stimulates the digestive processes, and helps your body eliminate excesses from the meal. You’ll feel lighter and more alert, and likely lose weight because walking moves stagnant food and energy.


5. Eat your bigger meal mid-day when possible 

You’re more active during the day and will use the calories. Even if you change nothing about what you eat or increase exercise, you will lose weight. Eat a normal breakfast, your main meal mid-day, and a light dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed.


6. Eat a minimum of 4 cups of a variety of vegetables daily, at least 75% of them cooked.

Eating four cups of salad does not count. Vegetables provide the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals you need to live and grow healthfully. Equally important is that vegetables are gently cleansing assisting your body in eliminating excess residues of fats and toxins. Cravings will be minimized; you’ll lose weight; lower cholesterol, and improve overall health.  Vegetable Recipes Here —  Read How Raw Foods Harm Your Health

There is no health condition that cannot be improved. Most can be reversed. You are in the driver’s seat and have more control over your health and life than you may be aware of. You have many choices and they all matter.

Problems are an invitation to change. If you’d like my professional help with understanding and making the changes necessary to create far greater health and happiness, I am here for you.  schedule a session here.

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