Herbal products and supplements can be useful for regenerating health and correcting imbalances.  They are best recommended by someone professionally trained who understands their many uses, and the condition and constitution of the person they are being used by. Herbs are not intended for use if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Additionally, you have to know when to switch gears with herbal products and supplements, and when it’s time to discontinue their use.  It’s extremely important to work with a professional who can monitor this.

WHR stands behind the products we sell; however we cannot guarantee products bought from other online sources or through someone else.  We have no way of knowing if they are old products that have been sitting in a warehouse for years; under what conditions they have been stored; or whether it’s the real product.  If you have a negative experience from them, you will have to consult with the source you purchased them from.

We buy directly from the manufacturers that we have thoroughly researched and trust, and have been told by them of instances when people tried returning  products to them bought from another online source.  Upon investigation, the product was not really what it claimed to be. It’s very easy for someone to create labels and rebottle products putting anything they want in the bottle.

Each product we carry has a lot number and can be traced back to the manufacturer that we purchased them from.

You can place orders and reorders from this website. Use the contact form if you have questions,  Most orders ship in 1-2 day. Most supplements are discounted on this website.

It’s unfortunate there are dishonest people in the world.  This necessitates manufacturers and professional practitioners initiating policies such as this.

Returns can be made of unopened bottles of supplements within 10 days of purchase for a refund, less shipping fees if we mailed them to you, 15% restocking fee, and credit card fees if paid in this way.  All sales are final on specialty food products.  No international orders on supplements or specialty foods. 

Whole Health Resources is not a medical facility.  Whole Health Resources programs, services, products, and all information on WHR web pages are educational in nature, not medical advice, and not intended to take the place of personalized medical counseling, diagnosis and treatment.