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Pomexcellent Uses

  1. Treats multiple aspects of cardiovascular disease including atherosclerosis, improved blood flow, LDL oxidation, and high blood pressure
  2. High antioxidant activity (ORAC value=3186)
  3. Laboratory research suggests pomegranate may be effective for cancer prevention, diabetes, neurological health, osteoarthritis, women’s health, and has anti-infective properties and blood pressure lowering effects
  4. Addresses prostate health
  5. Pomexcellent is an extract designed to have the same levels of punicosides, polyphenols, and ellagic acid as pomegranate juice

TCM Effects

Cooling, treats cough, throat inflammation
Parasitic infections


1 to 2 capsules per day between meals; one capsule per day (200mg) is the equivalent to 8-8.5oz of juice used in human studies. Some trials suggest that the equivalent of 2 capsules per week may be taken as a preventive dosage.
60 capsules

consider Polilipid, Flavonex, Astra Garlic


Ingredient: Pomegranate fruit extract standardized to 40% punicosides

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