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Whole Health Gift Certificate




Whole Health Gift Certificates

for a healthy, fit body and mind; emotional harmony;  peaceful,  abundant, passionate, joyful living

Invest in the health and happiness of your loved ones and yourself.

Are you burdened with health and weight problems?

Feeling stuck and repeating the same patterns over and over?

Would like to consciously design and create a healthier happier, more abundant life?


Personalized Nutrition & Holistic Therapies for

  • Regeneration from acute, chronic, & degenerative disease
  • Offsetting the effects of pharmaceuticals and medical treatments
  • Maintenance and disease prevention
  • Cleansing and Detoxification 
  • Overweight and Underweight Conditions
  • Mental/Emotional Harmony
  • Aging with vitality and good health

Holistic Life Coaching for

  • Understanding why you have challenges
  • Resolving relationship, money, work, stress and people issues
  • Living your best life
  • Removing obstacles
  • Eliminating self-sabotage and negative pay-offs
  • Creating a balanced, abundant, nourishing life you love


Make this your best year ever with professional guidance. Gift Cards can be used for Holistic Health and Nutrition CounselingWeight Loss Counseling, and Holistic Life Coaching

Sessions can be done via zoom, facetime, phone, skype, or at Pittsburgh Office.

Gift Card Policy

GC are non-refundable and cannot be applied to previous purchases. 


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