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Coriolus PS Capsules

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Coriolus PS Uses

  1. Japanese research shows that this medicinal mushroom extract has anti tumor effects and stimulates natural killer (NK) cells. Used in conjunction with chemo and radiation therapy, Coriolus has been found to be instrumental in helping increase cancer survival rates.
  2. Stimulates production of killer T cells and tumor necrosis factor (TNF); activates macrophage function.
  3. Also used as adjunct for hepatitis, lung infections

TCM Effects

Dispels dampness
Reduces phlegm
Clears heat
Alleviates inflammation


Dosage: 3 capsules 2 times daily between meals, as part of supportive immune protocol
90 capsules, 500 mg.


Coriolus versicolor (yun zhi) extract containing 25% polysaccharides


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