How is your appetite?
How would you rate your energy?
How many bowel movements do you have daily? Are they loose, soft, formed? Do you experience gas, bloating or cramping?
Do you sleep soundly through the night without waking? If no, please describe. What time do you go to bed and awaken?
Are there any improvements in your condition? What positives have occurred since your last session?
What new steps or new habits have you initiated toward achieving your goals?
Are you experiencing any new health issues or concerns since last session?
Any new insights or realizations?
Are there any areas where you are having difficulty?
Do you experience food cravings? Please describe.
How frequently in a week do you exercise? What type and for how long?
Are you chewing your food until liquid?
Describe your emotional state.
Where do you need the most help? What challenges are you now facing?
Give an overview of a typical day's eating, including snacks and beverages.
List all medications with dosage and condition you are taking them for; supplements or herbs you are taking with dosage and time of day taken.