Each year between 5% and 20% of the U.S. population will get the flu. 200,000 on average will be hospitalized each year because of flu complications. The number of people who die each year from flu-related causes in the U.S. varies from 3,000 to 49,000 annually.

The typical incubation period for the flu is one to four days. Adults can be contagious from the day before symptoms begin through five to ten days after the illness starts.

The flu typically resolves after three to seven days for the majority of people, although cough and fatigue can persist for more than two weeks.

The flu tends to come on suddenly and symptoms include fever, chills, sore throat, cough, muscle pain, fatigue and congestion. It can be diagnosed with a throat culture or blood test.

You will benefit by taking steps to strengthen your immune system to minimize the likelihood of infection.

Prevention of the Flu

Get plenty of fresh air and keep your home cool, dry, and well ventilated. Consider using an air filtration system.

Eat 6-10 cups of a variety of vegetables daily. Be sure to include steamed hard dark leafy greens

Eat Miso Soup regularly for its many health benefits.

Include dried shiitake mushrooms and dried maitake mushrooms in soups or other dishes. Click here for more information on these medicinal mushrooms.

Avoid refined sugar and alcohol which weaken immunity; minimize or eliminate mucus causing foods such as cow’s milk products and high fat foods.

Get plenty of rest and 8 hours sleep – more if you need it.


Effective Supplements to Prevent the Flu

Cordyseng is a super immune tonic. that inhibits bacteria and viruses, protects body against stress, alleviates allergies, bronchitis, chronic pneumonia; regenerates the liver. It is anti-oxidant against free radicals. Click here to order.

Astra C is a great choice for preventing allergies and infections, including viral, and enhancing the body’s protective power. Click here to order.

Power Mushrooms enhance immune function; have anti-tumor effects; boost energy; useful for autoimmune disorders such as MS or Lupus; useful for prolonged colds and flu, and asthma. Click here to order.

Astra 8 is useful for weak lungs, immune enhancement and energy. Can be used for systemic weakness, adrenal deficiency, chills, and muscle aches. Click here to order.

Astra 4

Cordyceps PS


Treatment of the Flu

  • Drink plenty of warm liquids, including peppermint tea and ginger tea;
  • Eat a simple diet of homemade vegetable soup, steamed vegetables, and whole, unrefined grains such as brown rice, millet and barley.
  • Gargle with salt water. Use 1/2 tsp. of salt in a large glass of water.
  • Add the juice of fresh lemon to your water.
  • Get plenty of rest. Your body’s energy goes toward healing and regeneration when you are resting and sleeping. You need more when you are sick.


Effective Supplements to treat the Flu and Colds

Isatis Gold treats bacterial and viral infections that cause inflammation, sinus congestion, sore throat, and fever, especially upper respiratory, colds, flu and bronchitis. Click here to order

Cold Away treats the early stages of colds and flu, including fever, sinus and chest congestion, coughing, headache and throat pain. Click here to order.

Ease 2 is used for prolonged colds and flu, especially if accompanied by headache, body aches and gastrointestinal disorders. Click here to order.

Clear Phlegm treats copious phlegm and mucus. Click here to order.

These herbal formulas and supplements are professional quality and very effective when taken according to the recommendations.

Why not stock your medicine cabinet so you can start treatment at the earliest signs of symptoms. I do hope you never need these remedies, but you will have peace of mind by having some of them on hand.

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