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To understand the chakras it is necessary to understand humanity as energy, vibration and waves. Behavior, emotions and thoughts are comprised of vibrational energy, which come from the external environment to the center of the body and disburses from the body out to the external environment.

Chinese medicine views sickness as imbalanced energy. Energy is not static; it is always in a state of flux, either bringing us closer to a state of health or sickness and problems. If we can learn to understand and direct the quality of the vibrational energy that we take in, we can bring ourselves closer to wholeness. Chakras are energy centers of the body. Chakra is the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” referring to the moving, spiral form taken by the chakras. The number and location of the chakras may vary slightly depending on the system studied; however, seven major chakras are generally recognized:

The first chakra is the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. It is from this center that we feel grounded and connected to life. All issues that have to do with physical survival and security are related to the root chakra.

The second chakra is located in the lower abdominal region about two inches below the navel. This chakra, called the sacral chakra is the central administrator for the physical body. Many difficulties with the emotions and sexuality are related to this chakra.

“Solar plexus” is the term used to describe the third chakra, which is located in the stomach region about two inches below the base of the sternum. This center is related to our will to grow and to achieve. This is the area where many of our old judgements and fears are carried.

At the center of the breastbone, over the heart, we find the heart chakra. This chakra also influences breathing and digestion and functions as the central administrator for the entire body’s energy flow.

The fifth chakra, or throat chakra, is located at the center of the throat between the jaw and the base of the throat. This is our communication center and healthy qualities produced by this chakra include intellectual, logical and artistic expression, and finding and fulfilling one’s niche in life.

Slightly above and between the eyebrows lies the “third eye” chakra. Nerve stimulations are assimilated here and distributed to all parts of the brain. The midbrain acts as the central administrator for the head region.

The “crown chakra” is located at the crown of the head and extends above the head for several inches. This seventh chakra governs various kinds of consciousness, including the unification of spiritual, mental and physical activities.

Mary was despondent, withdrawn, and at times, depressed over the death of her mother. Her heart chakra was weak, deficient, and she experienced repeated chest colds, bronchitis and respiratory problems. Her emotional and physical problems were treated in several ways: first by eliminating foods that weaken energy in the heart/lung area- i.e., coffee, alcohol, sweets, soft dairy food, excessive fruit and juice- and by adding more strengthening and ki-energy-producing foods such as brown rice, bitter greens, root veggies, sesame seeds and almonds.

She began an exercise routine incorporating yoga and ki exercises to strengthen the heart chakra, and also shiatsu therapy to generate circulation of energy throughout her body. (Acupuncture is equally effective.) Through guided imagery she was able to release her sadness, let go and become open to the endless possibilities for love and happiness in the present. Gradually, Mary healed herself and no longer experienced the physical health problems. She became more joyful and optimistic about life.

This is one example of a method of healing that has been in existence for thousands of years. To really know and understand yourself and your problems, please contact a qualified holistic health practitioner.

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