Medical Endorsement

“Whole Health Resources provides an outstanding program that addresses a variety of health concerns, in addition to a solid preventive approach. It has helped many people regain good health when other, less comprehensive approaches had failed, and has been a great asset to the medical community.”
Neal D. Barnard, M.D.
President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

“As Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, I consider myself to be a strong believer in evidence based medicine. Over the past decade however, evidence is starting to accumulate in support of alternative medical practices that more fully explore the mind, body relationship than has traditionally been done by western medicine.

Several years ago, I was given a gift certificate for my birthday to try yoga lessons from Deborah Barr, founder of Whole Health Resources in Squirrel Hill. Over the past six years, I have taken advantage of Ms. Barr’s expertise in yoga, shiatsu and attitudinal healing. Having seen Ms. Barr on an almost weekly basis for six years, I can state with confidence that she is extraordinarily kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and professional.

Because I have found her services so helpful to the quality of my life and my overall well being, I have had the opportunity to make several referrals to her. In each case, the person referred has been exceedingly grateful for my suggestion.

While I am very supportive of many types of alternative medicine, I am also concerned that there are many practices that border on the extreme. In the case of Deborah Barr and Whole Health Resources, I have found nothing but a reliable, consistent, and professional approach to the human condition.”

Paul M. Paris, MD, FACEP, LLD (Hon.)
Professor and Chairman
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Anxiety and Depression

“Working with Deborah has been a life-changing, life-saving experience for me. I had first learned about her when I purchased her CD “Best Practices for a Healthy Mind and Body.” From there, I looked her up on the internet and subsequently made an appointment….and so it began.

I had been struggling for quite some time and was suffering the recent sudden passing of my brother. I was gripped with anxiety, depression, anger, under such a weight of sadness, guilt, fear and longing, in despair and definitely searching. These feelings manifested themselves in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. We met, at first for a discussion of nutritional changes under my notion that I wanted to avoid taking anti-depressants. Deborah did not offer me medical advice nor did she discourage any plans I had regarding any medical consultations.

Deborah initially gave me some helpful, gentle steps related to my physical nourishment, what to avoid and what to take in, as well as beginning to take some healthy supplements. She shared her knowledge and wisdom (and recipes ?). The most noticeable changes that began to occur initially were that I had 
more energy, my depressive symptoms were lessening, and my anxiety was decreasing. Deborah also gave me some mindful work too (meditations/imagery) and I have become increasingly grounded, much calmer, accepting and trusting.

Deborah has provided me with guidance and resources that have helped me not just in body, but in mind and spirit as well. 
I have truly experienced healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The nutritional counseling, attitudinal work and the benefits (both physically and spiritually beyond words) of shiatsu…Deborah has guided me to a path of beautiful transformation, for which I shall always be grateful.
Deborah created (co-created ?) Whole Health Resources. The name could not be more fitting!! I am thankful to have Deborah in my life. She is generous with her knowledge and wisdom. She is compassionate and soulfully thoughtful. She truly listens to you (body, mind and spirit) and provides you with honest feedback and guidance. She is gifted. I am humbled and thankful to have been led to her. I truly believe that I am gaining the tools, insights, and the knowing of true wholeness and health.”

S.N., Pittsburgh

Cognitive Difficulties, Extreme Fatigue, Depression, Skin and Digestive Issues

“I was experiencing bad fatigue with sudden drops in energy; extreme mental fog and cognitive difficulties so much so that I was mixing up words and, in the middle of a conversation, could not think or finish my sentences. I was absent minded, scattered and could not focus.

Anxiety and depression plagued me. Psoriasis was very bad, even bleeding. My digestive system was a mess with lots of gas, bloating, cramping and loose bowels all of the time. At thirty years of age I was not enjoying anything in life and felt hopeless.

For many years doctors stumbled over my multitude of symptoms with no clarity or action plan other than drugs. And then more drugs to counter the side effects of the previous ones. One doctor put me on Adderall which caused terrible sleep issues which I never had. He then added Ambien to help me sleep which caused disturbing dreams made me feel disoriented, like I was losing it, and I never felt rested.

After two weeks on your plan I had significant improvements in my energy, and the psoriasis and digestive issues were all gone. As I continued working with you my cognitive abilities returned; anxiety and depression faded away; and my outlook on life changed for the better. And I was able to eliminate medications. Your knowledge of healing foods, herbal medicines, and Attitudinal Healing practices is astounding. And your ability to target the causes of my poor health is remarkable—truly Holistic and unlike any medical doctor or alternative practitioner I’ve been to. You even identified things in my home and workplace that contributed to my poor health.”
Anna M., Pittsburgh

“Thank you for doing what you do. I truly don’t know what I would be or do without your professional assistance. Many, many thanks for everything, your truly caring nature, your expertise, and your insights to health issues. I believe you are one of a kind in this country and in the world. I noticed that you use many different approaches to all health problems. What’s most important is that your recommendations work, and that gives me confidence that I have the best advice for whatever I have come to you for. I don’t believe that anyone else in the world does that. I am so grateful that I met you somewhere around 1995.”
Myrna F., Pittsburgh

“Deborah has the solid knowledge and experience that so many others who are competing with her lack. This isn’t a “marketing opportunity” for her; it’s her life work. Her materials demonstrate it, and her one-on-one insights and sensitivity model what others should be doing. It is a pleasure to work with her and I’m sure you will benefit from her wisdom, too.”
Ginny Altman, Greensburg, PA, February xx, 2018

Help for MS

“At the age of 37 I was diagnosed with MS. I was fortunate enough to see some of the best doctors in Pittsburgh. Their advice for me was to learn how to deal with a progressive disease; healing, getting better, or even a positive outlook was not mentioned to me. Simply, they told me to prepare myself to be walking with a cane and living with fatigue. In no way do I want to dismiss the kindness or the knowledge that those doctors gave to me. Their compassion and comprehension of MS was quite thorough even though my future outlook from them was not the best prescription that I could hope for.
After deciding to do a search for alternative therapies (a term that I do not like, therapy implies effort, when did effort become an alternative) I found Deborah, Whole Health Resource’s website.
Deborah recommended diet/menu changes along with vitamins and a yoga/meditation practice. 
Within one month my life became mine again; fatigue gone, leg strength improving daily, mental clarity up and most importantly I became a believer that MS is only a small part of my life, not my whole life. Deborah was the only person who gave me hope; in no way did she tell me that she could cure MS or give me false hope that it was going to be an easy path to follow. However, she told me that I will feel positive results from my efforts and that I would keep getting better and better.
I hope this letter can be a grand testimonial to Deborah’s compassion, knowledge, and guidance. I have faith that her efforts will bring others to complete whole health, as they did for me.”

John Craig, Pittsburgh

“With your help I have stepped out of the cultural way of eating and see it for the damaging system that it is. I’ve lost 22 pounds in 3 months; my constant hunger is gone; I have absolutely no cravings and I feel very satisfied with the foods I am eating. I don’t have mood swings anymore and my energy has improved. My coordination and balance are better and my joints are responding well to your suggestions. My emotional state is very even and I am much happier. I am feeling that I can look honestly at other things in my life that need to shift as well. Rashes and fungus are gone and I do not smell like yeast anymore. I appreciate your Holistic approach. You were right on target when you said eating the right foods for my constitution and condition would reverse health problems and cause weight loss to happen more easily. I’ve tried many of the popular fad diets with no success. Your tools for understanding the mental, emotional and spiritual causes of my problems have helped me tremendously.”
Yvonne M., Seattle

Hot flashes are gone, constipation gone, headaches gone, and sleep and emotions are much better. In fact, my doctor is weaning me off of anti-depressants. I don’t believe this would have been possible without your help in understanding how my diet was contributing. Your Attitudinal Healing processes have helped me to understand my stressors and to resolve them. For many years I felt anxiety coursing through my body and that has been gone since working with you. My skin looks better, hair loss has stopped, and overall I look and feel so much better progressively since I started working with you last summer.”
Rita J., Los Angeles

“The first time I went to see Deborah I had been chronically ill for months with low level, flu-like symptoms. I had used up all my vacation and sick leave from work and was going in, shutting my door and lying on the floor for as much of the day as I could. Deborah taught me to eat (and to cook) in a way that supported my immune system and I got better and stayed better. I went to her again 20 years later with a serious gastrointestinal problem that medical doctors had been unable to diagnose or treat after expensive and unpleasant testing. She quickly diagnosed it and apparently correctly, because the supplements she gave me and dietary suggestions she made were effective; within weeks I was completely well. I am again amazed by her knowledge of the body and how it heals. I would recommend her for any kind of illness.”
Dale Mendoza, NC

“I came to see you for help in losing weight. Following your advice I did lose 12 pounds in 7 weeks but more importantly the 3 thyroid nodules I had are now two. One of them has gone and the other two are shrinking. I no longer feel the pain and swelling in my throat; my painful periods have become normal and I no longer have sweats; my hair has stopped falling out; I am no longer constipated and bloated; and was able to eliminate anti-depressantsI don’t feel stressed and pressured anymore, and now feel happy and peaceful. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I am eternally grateful for your wisdom and am referring all of my friends to you.”
L.S., Pittsburgh

“I had a session with you on August 14. My primary concern was bleeding from fibroids. I had a D&C in August, 2010 which stopped the bleeding but in July, 2011 it started again. My next medical option was hysterectomy and at age 44 this is not something I wanted to do. One day after starting on the herbal formula you gave to me and making the nutritional recommendations you made, the bleeding stopped and has not returned.
I also had 
daily migraines and am now down to one mild one weekly without pain killers. I had ulcerative colitis flare-ups and was on medication for it. I have been able to stop the medication which caused side effects and my bowels and digestive system have returned to normal thanks to you.
lost 20 pounds in a little more than a month and still have more to lose. I know that it will come off easily with your help. I’m so excited that all of the uncontrollable food cravings I had are completely gone. You were so right when you said eating certain foods eliminates cravings. And I am enjoying all of the foods you recommended and feel satisfied.
I have 1,000 times more energy and feel like I’m twenty. I am calmer and more peaceful. I never realized how food could so dramatically change health problems in such a short time. I will continue to work with you to lose the extra weight, eliminate the fibroids, and continue to heal the colitis even though my doctor said it is not possible. Thank you for all that you do and for being so thorough and accurate with your counseling.”

Jennifer F., Mars, PA

“You will never know what a positive impact you have made on my life; I only wish I had met you years sooner so that I could have eaten healthy and viewed life in a more positive way. However, I will always be grateful for the years that I have now spent knowing what I know about what forms a healthy mind and body due to your insightfulness and knowledge. Your words ring in my ears after all of these years, almost daily. Your spiritual guidance and diet recommendations guide me through my days and “at the supermarket.” You made an indelible impression on my mind and to hear your voice, literally, I play your Peaceful Resolution Meditation CD and then relax all of the time. You are truly a gift to our world and I am just thankful that I was able to receive that gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Deborah.”
Beth Wolk, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Deborah truly understands the art of Nutritional Therapy, and how certain foods can be used to reverse problems. Her Attitudinal philosophies have helped me understand the role my mental and emotional states play in my health and happiness.
I’ve been lucky to have the services of Deborah for about 12 years. Before I went to Deborah for health counseling, I had many aches and pains, a lump on my breast that was growing in size, I was tired all the time, I was unhappy, and I was very much overweight.
Within a week of following Deborah’s instructions, I felt 
lighter, happier, and nearly pain-free, and within two months of following Deborah’s instructions, the lump on my breast disappeared. That was 12 years ago and the lump has not returned.
Whenever I have a health situation that needs to be addressed, I see Deborah and I follow her instructions and recover nicely. I have taken many workshops and classes from Deborah, and those classes have helped me resolve many stressful situations in my life, and her classes showed me how to create more peace and happiness in my life. A very important part of her classes are the helpful emails I receive during the course of the classes.
In my opinion everyone should see Deborah for their health concerns. She has decades of experience in the natural health field, and she has been able to help me with everything I consulted her for.”

M.F., Pittsburgh

“After following Deborah’s recommendations, I was able to delay a meal without feeling “starving”; I felt more satisfied after eating, and was not tempted by sweets; I am no longer crabby during the hours before dinner; I sleep better, and don’t wake up feeling starved; a thyroid nodule that didn’t shrink as it was supposed to with medication stopped growing by following Deborah’s advice and my thyroid is now stable; I have steady, lasting energy; no more ups and downs or attacks of starvation. It’s really good to be free of those things.”
L.E., Pittsburgh

“I sought your help for a host of problems including IBS, high cholesterol, arthritis and menopause symptoms. I followed your advice and it wasn’t long before I could stop prescription medications that I had been taking for years for intestinal cramping and diarrhea. Hot flashes stopped and joint pain continues to subside. My cholesterol is gradually decreasing with the foods and herbs you recommended. And an extra bonus is that I lost the extra 15 pounds I’ve been carrying around for years—without dieting.”
K.D., Pittsburgh

“Thank you for helping me avoid the necessity of having my thyroid removed because of cancer. I followed your suggestions and, when I returned for medical testing, my physician said things improved a great deal and he no longer recommended surgery.”
G.R., Pittsburgh

“Before I met you I pretty much accepted that I would have bronchitis 3 or more times a year along with many sinus infections. Then a friend suggested a counseling session with you. After a very short time following your recommendations for therapeutic foods and taking the herbs, my lungs and sinuses cleared. What’s interesting is that I never associated my low energy and negative mental state with these infections. But now, 12 months since I’ve seen you, not only have I not had sinus infections or bronchitis, but also have about 100% more energy, a more positive mind and healthier emotions.”
B.W., Columbus, OH

“….the pain in my chest that I’ve had for years is now gone. I’ve lost four pounds in ten days and many of my cravings have disappeared since I began your Program. I’m learning many new ways of experiencing life and perceiving my problems, and I feel this is making the weight loss easier. I appreciate the warm and trusting atmosphere you create for our group sessions and am learning a lot from the other participants as well. I am excited about my life again and look forward to continuing the weight loss workshop.”
S.H., Youngstown, OH

“After only a few weeks of following your recommendations I feel 100% better. I am no longer short-tempered or miserable and my emotions are more even. My muscles aren’t as tense, my sleep is better, and I am not waking up tired as I used to. I no longer need to take a nap and my energy has improved significantly. I lost 5-10 pounds and am eating more than I used to.”
Georgeanne Y., Pittsburgh, September 10, 2002

“Following your recommendations has made me feel happier, content, sure of my self, more motivated, and I have more endurance. My skin has also improved, and mentally I feel much, much better. Overall, everything has improved.”
D.H., Philadelphia

“I had chronic lower back pain for years. It never occurred to me that what I was eating contributed. Thanks to your nutritional advice, the pain is gone and I’ve saved a lot of money I was previously spending on medical treatments and medication that weren’t really helping. A bonus from your work is the low level anxiety that I constantly felt is gone.”
D.J., Pittsburgh

“…Beautiful and Powerful is how I’d describe this Workshop (Practical Spirituality/Inner Fitness). I learned many life enhancing techniques that I still rely on. I feel lighter and have easily created more opportunities as a result of this class. Taking this Workshop is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”
E.W., Pittsburgh

Anxiety and depression are lifting and that wasn’t even why I came to see you. Not only am I lighter (I lost 7 lbs. since I saw you 3 weeks ago), but I feel lighter mentally and emotionally. In addition, my energy has improved significantly. Your approach to weight loss truly is “holistic”. I am practicing your “attitudinal” techniques and am really noticing the connections between my mental state and my weight. You’ve given me many useful tools. I’m only sorry I waited so long to schedule with you.”
B.M., Erie, PA

“….I’m feeling really good! I’ve been enjoying walking and lost another 5 pounds these past two weeks. Occasionally I think back to some of the negative thoughts that plagued me and they no longer have an effect on me. I feel like I am becoming free. I am seeing and experiencing new possibilities that are wonderful. I no longer crave sweets. I LOVE ME! I feel like a much younger person. I’m enjoying food for the first time in my life. The ideas in your workshop have been new to me and I’ve found it easy to follow through on them….”
J.D., Pittsburgh

“I lost 20 pounds while eating large, healthy and delicious meals. I now have more energy that is more even throughout the day. I have also eliminated my problems with PMS & severe menstrual cramps that had required medication.”
J.P., Pittsburgh

“I not only lost weight (21 pounds), but my health has improved immensely. After six weeks in your class I learned how to eat healthier. I stopped all medication for my blood pressure. My cholesterol has come down from 200 to 179.”
Becky T., Pittsburgh

“I couldn’t put a price tag on the value of your Natural Weight Loss Workshop. In the process of doing the things you gave us to think about, I felt like I was becoming more myself.
Your Workshop made me aware that I keep busy and work all the time to avoid living my life. I’m now aware of the gift of food and the abundance of flavors. A tremendous insight that I’ve gained is that I have to make happen what I want. 
My life has changed so much for the better and I’m so happy—I don’t even care if I lose weight anymore. And yet, the weight has come off easily.
By being on your true path, you helped put me on mine and I have a whole new life.”

J.T., Pittsburgh, July, 2005

“I never missed a session. My health, my life, and my knowledge of food and cooking have been forever changed for the better. When I think about all the money I have spent in my life on everything, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that the money I spent at Whole Health Resources is the BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!”
T.C., Pittsburgh

“With Deborah’s help, I’ve finally learned how to unlock health in myself by taking control of what I put in my body. My back pain is gone and I lost 15 pounds in less than 2 weeks while eating more than I ever have before.”
S. Allen, Pittsburgh

“Priceless is the word I would use to describe this workshop (Natural Weight Loss). I learned many tools that I can use in any situation to reach my goals. I look and feel better than I can ever remember, and at the same time am more satisfied than I’ve ever been.”
C.S., Pittsburgh