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"Deborah Barr will be an asset to any organization which is searching for a highly qualified and poised presenter who can offer insightful and inspirational instruction, creative consulting and life-altering educational programs. Her gift to heal happens in the very authentic way she shares what she knows through her speaking and writing."

Karen Long Kern, Communications Consultant


Deborah Barr is a popular National Holistic Health speaker sought out for presentations for audiences who want  to maximize health and vitality, create mental/emotional harmony and live a life they love--holistically.

If you're looking for an expert in the field of Holistic Health with sound credentials and over 25 years clinical experience, then consider Deborah. She engages and inspires audiences to take control of their lives with her high-content presentations.  She is available for a variety of engagements -- promotional seminars, lunch and learn, conference break out, 1/2-day to multiple-day engagements.  Call 412.361.8600 or send an email inquiry to

These are just a few of Deborah's most popular programs, all of which are customized to meet the needs of the client and participants.  Several topics can be combined as well. Feel free to call 412.361.8600 or email for detailed speaker packet.

Eating Your Way To Success

Success in life is largely dependent upon our ability to think clearly and creatively; our physical vitality; peace of mind; and fulfillment from and passion for life. We are all coded for success. It is the human potential. Success has to do with our condition and our conditioning.

Many people are suffering with conditions that are accepted as normal when the only thing normal about them is that many people experience them. These include low energy, poor memory and mental clarity, physical and emotional stress and tension, poor health and weight issues, and lifestyle problems, all of which sabotage our success.

Deborah will give many insights for "reconditioning" ourselves; will clarify the true meaning of the phrase "you are what you eat", and offer many tips for reversing problems.  We will discuss:

  • The Higher Meaning of Success;
  • How everything is Feeding Us;
  • The Power of Mental Diet;
  • Emotions and Success
  • Self-Care Habits for Success

Inner Fitness:  Holistic Stress Strategies

This thought-provoking and innovative presentation offers life-enhancing tools to transform the stresses, conflicts and problems of modern day living into joyful, peaceful abundant and fulfilling lives.  Our life's experiences are a result of our "inner" world of thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  Our mental/emotional and spiritual aspects can be used creatively and successfully to dissolve stress.  You can learn to move through your day in an enjoyable way with ease and effectiveness.  We will cover:

This thought-provoking and innovative Workshop offers tools to transform the stresses, conflicts and problems of modern day living into joyful, peaceful, fulfilling lives.

  • How "Inner" Fitness brings Peaceful Lives
  • Diet, Emotions and Stress
  • Building Inner Strength
  • Turning Problems Into Opportunities
  • Self-Care Tips to Improve Health & Increase Vitality
  • Finding Joy In Everyday Living

Creating Balance in a World of Chaos

Do you feel overwhelmed with uncertainty, change, information overload, over work, unfulfilled dreams, relationship difficulties, or sickness? Is your life out of balance, or, worse yet, out of control? How is the global chaos of war, hatred, greed, prejudice, violence, drug abuse, and addictions impacting you?

Often when the stresses of modern day living overcome us, we forget who we are and what we're capable of. We let expectations, doubts, fears, and resignation take over. Peace of mind, clarity and the strength to deal with difficulties are part of each of us.

We will discuss:

  • How the outer world reflects our inner world
  • Creating inner balance
  • How to cultivate peace of mind, ease stress, improve health
  • Foods for Inner balance
  • Change as a positive force

Creating a Life You Love

We are all here for a purpose, and are meant to experience life with vitality and wellness, joy and peace of mind, abundance and fulfillment. We all have unique gifts, talents, and skills. Unfortunately, many people are experiencing feelings of inner malaise, discontent, and just getting by with joyless lives.

This presentation will focus on:

  • Defining a life we love
  • Creating a personal mission statement
  • What Stops Us
  • Breaking through barriers; overcoming fears
  • Discovering and attracting new opportunities

When we have a sense of purpose and direction, our lives become more meaningful. Restoring passion enriches our lives, improves health, and moves us in very powerful ways. This presentation will give you the tools and inspiration to bring the excitement and enthusiasm into your life to actualize your dreams, even if you've forgotten what they are.

Eating for Mental and Emotional Harmony

Learn why certain foods weaken our mental focus, clarity, memory, and emotional state. We will also discuss the relationship between our organs and the health of our mind and emotions, and the relationship between the seasons and our mind and emotions. Lots of helpful tips will be given.

Money:  a Spiritual Matter

What does it mean to have an Attitude of Prosperity? Is abundance only about money? Can money and spirituality mix? Explore how old attitudes and beliefs interfere with attracting positive energy in our present lives. Discover the relationship between physical health and financial health. Create the right mental atmosphere for bringing abundance into our lives on every level.

Spirituality and Wellness

The concept of spirituality is gaining popularity at a time when many are looking for more meaning from their life's experiences. Our human spirit is always seeking harmony, good health, and peace of mind. Traditional modalities have recognized and honored the connectedness of mind, body, spirit and all of life for thousands of years.

This presentation is an overview of spirituality and the role it plays in enhancing our health and our lives. Included are exercises that are good springboards to a more complete wellness program. You will discover how faith, optimism, love, forgiveness and other spiritual qualities can enhance our health and recovery from illness. How our daily diet, mind, emotions, and lifestyle impact our spiritual development and our health will also be discussed. A spiritual approach is a more satisfying way to well being, and to creating meaning in our lives.

Spirituality in Life and Leadership

Spirituality has made the bestseller list. It's hard to pick up even a management book now without seeing the word somewhere. But what's really behind the trend? Is it just a coincidence that the concept appears at a time when many of us are looking for more meaning from our professional experiences-more than even financial gains?

This presentation is an introductory look at the concept of spirituality, and the role it plays in enhancing our professional lives. In this overview, Deborah will discuss her working definition of spirituality and the pure joy and fulfillment we can feel from experiencing our connectedness to all of life.

Emphasize is on how business leaders can apply spirituality in developing leadership skills, improving team building, enhancing creativity, and more. Drawing upon her 20 years experience in working with people from a wide variety of fields who have wanted more from their working years, she will highlight her key points with actual case studies.

Here's what we will discuss:

  • A way to look for underlying causes to persistent health problems such as chemical addictions, chronic pain, lack of vitality and depression. Spiritual development can increase energy, reduce absenteeism, improve sleep, mental outlook, and overall health.
  • A profound way to help employees recognize their passions, learn to use their creativity and abilities, and even make significant contributions to their professions, communities, and to their lives. It can simply help employees enjoy coming to work.
  • An authentic way to appreciate colleagues and become better team members.
  • A more satisfying way to find and create meaning in our work lives.

Healing Power of Food

Could you use more energy, vitality, better concentration and mental clarity? Perhaps you'd like to improve your digestion, elimination, sleep, or lose a few pounds. This presentation will clarify some of the confusion around healthy eating and offer tools for disease prevention and enhancement of overall well-being.

In 1988 the Surgeon General stated that two-thirds of the deaths in this Country are directly related to improper diet. Western Science now recognizes that our daily food choices can be an important healing force. However, frequently food therapies are used with little or no result, and sometimes undesired results. Healing with food is not haphazard. Food acts according to its various therapeutic properties, and is the foundation for our physical, mental, and emotional health.

This presentation will discuss:

  • Healthy Eating Patterns
  • How To Make The Transition
  • How To Eliminate Cravings, Binges and Addictions
  • The Food/Mood Connection

Attitudinal Healing

Healthy, joyful, and abundant living are concepts that have received considerable attention, but still seem to elude many of us. This is often because we lack the motivation to change until there is a crisis or we give up on the idea that our lives can be better.
This informational offers tools to transform the stresses, conflicts and problems of modern day living into joyful, peaceful, fulfilling lives.

  • Building Inner Strength
  • Turning Problems Into Opportunities
  • Self-Care Tips
  • Finding Answers In Everyday Living
  • Diet, Emotions and Attitudes

Holistic Weight Loss

Weight issues are health issues and are often multi-dimensional. Willpower, sacrifice, deprivation and drugs are NOT part of good health or our approach. Long term success in losing weight requires addressing the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual causes. This comprehensive program, created and facilitated by Deborah Barr, is based on her 23 years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Healing, Dietary Healing, Food Energetics, Spiritual Development, and Attitudinal Healing and addresses:

  • Foods to support weight loss and balanced health
  • Dietary transition - understanding balance
  • Re-establish and Balance Metabolism
  • Power of mental diet
  • Emotional and stress-related eating
  • How our minds can sabotage our efforts
  • Uncovering core beliefs that keep one overweight
  • Binges, cravings, discharge and addictions
  • How to let go of unproductive patterns
  • Removing mental/emotional blocks

Wellness Programs Add Value to the Bottom Line

Wellness. Holistic Health. Alternative Medicine. On the heels of the managed care movement, it's hard to imagine how organizations can embrace one more health care trend. The good news is, wellness isn't a fad. It's our natural state and we can find our way back to it.

In her presentation, Barr will explain her wellness philosophy, illustrate it with some of her many success stories and show how companies of all sizes can integrate it into their employee health and motivational programs.

Benefits of this approach for employees are numerous:

  • Decreased Stress
  • Meaning in Your Business Environment
  • A Sense of Fulfillment from Work and Life
  • Improved overall health
  • A More Positive Attitude and Outlook
  • Increased Creativity and Productivity
  • A sense of unity that promotes stability, creativity, genuine happiness

Using a variety of techniques, Barr will show how creating a work environment of wellness, growth and balance will be profitable in more ways than one. Employees who are healthy in body, mind and spirit create a successful company.

Holistic Approaches to Women's Health

Are you troubled with PMS, Menstrual Cramps, Menopause difficulties, and other common female disorders? We will discuss the causes and severity of symptoms; nutritional recommendations for prevention and relief; the role of herbs, vitamins and minerals; and the benefits of acupressure, yoga, and exercise for relief of symptoms. The impact of lifestyle factors and attitudes that work against our health will also be a focus of this Workshop. You will discover many tools for maintaining health that can be integrated with your current health care.

Work Life Balance

Do you sometimes feels that time is speeding up?  Have you noticed that with all the conveniences that modern day living and technology provide, you have more to do and less time to do it in?

Balance is a concept that has received considerable attention, but still seems to allude many of us.  This is often because we were never taught healthy "self-care" skills, or we lack the motivation to change until we're sick, exhausted, depressed, or in crises.  Often when the stresses of modern day living overcome us, we lack the skills to regain our equilibrium.

This workshop offers simple, effective techniques to regain and maintain a nourishing rhythm to one's life; receive energy, joy, and passion from all our experiences; and accomplish a great deal with much less effort.  Enhancement of overall health and longevity, improved mental clarity, and peace of mind are a natural outflow of balanced living.

Covered in this Workshop are:

  • How To Recognize When You are Out of Balance
  • "Fundamental Needs" Assessment
  • Is Your Diet Working For Or Against You
  • How to Cultivate a Daily Nourishing Rhythm to Life
  • The Essential Ingredient to Health, Happiness and Success
  • Creative Use of Mind and Finding Emotional Harmony

Introduction to Holistic Health

This presentation discusses the integration of body/mind/emotion/spirit in healing, and the importance of the relationship between diet, lifestyle, attitudes and wellness.  Whether you are tackling a health issue, weight problem, lifestyle issues, or want to learn a preventive approach to wellness, this presentation will provide strategies and tips for regaining and enhancing your health and life.  The various components of holistic health will be discussed and demystified.

Physical and emotional symptoms and lifestyle problems are signals that we are out of balance, and are keys to understanding the broader patterns of imbalance in our lives.  Problems can be used as an entry point for uncovering our life story, pointing to our purpose as well as our blocks.  This presentation will focus on the bigger picture behind symptoms and offer guidance on regaining equilibrium.

Understand and Eliminate Cravings and Addictions

This presentation will help you understand why we have cravings and additions as well as develop a solid plan for breaking addictive patterns to drugs, alcohol, food, attitudes and behaviors.  Everything that we crave and choose is filling a need, and we can learn to use our cravings and addictions as a tool for understanding ourselves.  When we learn to make new choices that will fill our needs in a healthful way, then cravings and addictions dissolve without struggle and will power.  We will cover:

  • Physiology of Addictions & Cravings
  • How to Interpret the Messages behind the Addictions
  • The Role of Emotions
  • The Importance of a Nourishing Life
  • Satisfying a Deeper Hunger
  • Make New Choices with Ease

Energy Medicine

One of the most basic tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that all phenomena are, in essence, vibrational energy.  This philosophy has the advantage of simplifying and unifying the understanding of all things.   This theory is thousands of years old and has been used by historians, psychologists, philosophers and political leaders throughout history.

When we learn to look at all things as more expanded or more condensed forms of energy, we can apply this wisdom toward an awareness of the personal factors necessary in creating radiant health on every level.  We can learn to use everything to our advantage when we understand everything as energy.

This overview will discuss:    

  • Energy Basics
  • The Human Energy System
  • Recognizing "energy" deficiencies and excesses
  • Energetic Causes & Treatment of Sickness


"The audience loved your presentation! Life changing ideas were articulately presented. Everyone had a wonderful time and were very enthusiastic when they left." -- Judy Bloomquist, Program Coordinator, Chautauqua Institution

"Thank you for the excellent Attitudinal Healing Seminar you gave at Pittsburgh Technical Institute.  Our employees gave your program top marks in their evaluations and are already asking for another seminar with you as facilitator."
-- Susan Polick, Coordinator of Training & Development, Pittsburgh Technical Institute

"From a speaking perspective, I know Deborah as wise, single-focused and passionate about people's emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. When Deborah speaks, lives change."  --Dennis Snedden, Time Management Consultant

"I can attest to Deborah's ability to capture a group with her obvious grasp of her subject and long experience in her field. She has a spiritual quality about her that gives one a sense that she is very grounded and truly believes that what she is doing is part of a greater good." --Robert Boyd, President, Hi-Lite Industries, Inc.

"I have always found Deborah to be knowledgeable, genuine and caring. These qualities come across to her audiences, and she does make a difference in their lives. Whether she delivers a keynote, a workshop, or a seminar, she will serve you and your constituents well."  --Marcia Clark, Pittsburgh

  • Partial list of Organizations/Institutions Deborah Barr, founder of Whole Health Resources, has presented to:
  • Kushi International Macrobiotic Health Conference, Westfield, Mass.
  • Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York
  • Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania
  • Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania HealthPlace
  • Duquesne University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ohio University
  • Magee Women's' Hospital and WomanCare Centers
  • Mercy Hospital School of Nursing
  • Children's Hospital
  • Jefferson Hospital
  • Health & Life Enrichment Expo in Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh Human Resources Association
  • Fayette County Drug and Alcohol
  • Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania
  • Renaissance Center, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Bradford Regional Medical Center, Bradford, Pennsylvania
  • Pa. Association of Family & Consumer Sciences, Inc.

TV and Radio

KDKA-TV and radio numerous times

WQEX-TV numerous times


  • Pittsburgh Press
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • In Pittsburgh
  • Western PA Health & Fitness Magazine
  • City Paper
  • Successful Women
  • Allegheny Women - Wholistic Solutions Column
  • Boomers
  • AmeriNet Central's Directory of Speakers


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