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Recipe for Success ęDeborah Barr.  All Right Reserved.

 This recipe requires no special skills, only a DESIRE to make it work

  1. Start with a potent COMMITMENT to what you want.

  2. Add unshakable INTENTION.

  3. Combine one POSITIVE thought with another. 

  4. Keep your problems in a separate, hidden compartment. 

  5. Do not allow them to interact. 

  6. Refuse to make them significant.

  7. Then you will be able to reduce them or resolve them.

  8. Do not lump together a negative past with the present or the future.

  9. Leave guilt, resentment, anger, self-doubt, or any other expression of fear out of the recipe.

  10. Delete irritation from the mixture.

  11. Add a large portion of WILLINGNESS to have what you want.

  12. Combine as much HAPPINESS as you can find.

  13. Continue to stir huge doses of SELF LOVE and SELF RESPECT into the mixture.

  14. Fold in a few pounds of DETERMINATION and single-mindedness.

  15. PATIENTLY allow the recipe to simmer.

  16. Know when to ACT on the recipe, and know when to let the mixture BE.

  17. Relax.  Receive and savor all the extraordinary tastes and textures that life has waiting for you.

ęDeborah Barr, 2004-16.  All rights reserved.


For expert assistance in creating your PERSONAL SUCCESS recipe,  schedule a 30-minute consultation/evaluation.  Wouldn't you like to create a healthy, fit body and mind, and an abundant, peaceful life that you love?  Sessions can be done by phone, skype, or in my Pittsburgh office.

Deborah Barr has 30 years professional training and clinical experience as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor/Coach, speaker, and author.  She has helped thousands of national clients reverse health and weight issues; achieve emotional harmony; radiant health; and passionate, peaceful living. In 1985 she founded Whole Health Resources, the premier Holistic Health Center in Pittsburgh.  Click here for complete bio.













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