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"Your multi-levels of Holistic Coaching have not even been identified by others in the Holistic or mainstream field, and I’ve worked with many. You have offered a river of gifts to me and planted new seeds in me that are blooming quickly. Your work with me has been a game changer professionally and personally...."  read more


You are here for a purpose and are meant to experience life with vitality and wellness, joy and peace of mind, abundance, love, passion and fulfillment. Many people are experiencing discontent, malaise, just getting by with joyless lives, and repeating the same negative patterns year after year.  Some do not even know what they want or what makes them happy.

You came into this world to play the Game of Life.  The game includes an obstacle course. Some obstacles that people experience are unhealthy relationships, abuse, poor health, unfulfilling jobs/life, money issues, and worse. You are and always have been equipped with everything you need to create a healthy, joyful, abundant, passionate and fulfilling life.  Most people were conditioned with fear and limitation rather than encouraged to use innate skills within to create amazing lives.

Deborah's Holistic Life Coaching will give you the foundation for getting what you want--your personal blueprint for success and happiness.  You'll gain clarity, create a focused plan, discover what you really want and what stops you from getting it.  You'll free yourself from struggle, self-doubt, and damaging habits and patterns that sabotage you.

You’ll benefit in other ways. Many health problems will disappear as they are often caused by lack of happiness, passion, and fulfillment.  You’ll have more energy; greater emotional harmony; more confidence and higher self-esteem; look and feel younger; and enjoy life far more.

Now is the time to take new steps and make your goals a reality. Maybe you’ve delayed in the past because the time wasn’t right, or there were other things that needed more of your attention.  Perhaps you’ve tried over and over and failed to get the results you wanted and simply gave up.  Your goals, dreams, abundance, health and happiness are the most important priorities in life and are far easier to reach with professional assistance.


Holistic Life Coaching will help you transform mental/emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle obstacles to achieving a healthy, happy, prosperous, and fulfilling life. This includes relationships, money, life’s work, and all aspects of your life.  You will learn creative problem solving, be fully listened to, inspired, educated and guided toward clarity in your thinking, and making the changes necessary to reach your goals and vision. We’ll work with:

  • Creating Vision and determining what you really want;

  • Understanding how you get what you get;

  • Letting Go of attitudes, beliefs, habits that work against you;

  • Finding The Shortest Path To Your Goals;

  • Transforming the debilitating negative mind chatter;
  • Structuring your Life to Support Your Passion;
  • Creating more radiant physical, mental and emotional health by loving your life;
  • Recognizing and Eliminating Resistance; Attracting New Opportunities with far less effort;
  • Accessing your Inner Mentor and Higher Mind;
  • Becoming aware of and releasing saboteurs and conflicting intentions;
  • Becoming aware of pay-offs from your challenges; and your life theme;
  • Giving life to your dreams a day at a time by focusing on your vision, using thought, intent, word, deed.
  • How to communicate effectively;
  • Letting go of everything you’ve been tolerating;
  • Identifying and eliminating time wasters;
  • Creating a balanced life;
  • Transforming not-good-enough, unworthy and undeserving syndrome
  •  Implementing he Power of Awareness and Intention

Working with Deborah will:

  • Help you take yourself and your dreams more seriously.

  • Motivate and inspire you to action.

  • Empower you to eliminate excuses and take responsibility.

  • Help you take more effective and focused actions immediately.

  • Give you effective resolutions skills for life’s challenges

  • Produce results more quickly.

  • Decrease energy drains and increase energizers.

  • Create momentum so it’s easier to get results.

  • Set better goals and reach them.

To get the most from your sessions, you’ll want to be:

  • Able to take responsibility for your health and life’s experiences and what you take away from the sessions.

  • Ready to honor yourself and your priorities.

  • Open-minded, motivated, and ready to learn.

  • Ready to take action and make change in your life.

  • Able to trust an intuitive process of learning.

  • Willing to let go of what is not working in order to make room for what you do want

Success Letters from Clients

“Your work with me has been a game changer professionally and personally. After you coached me through a business crisis, and putting into practice every aspect of the wisdom you imparted to me, the results were miraculous as you said they would be. My associates, who had been angry at me for the crisis I created, were hugging me and appreciating me at the end of the meeting. Your wisdom is unparalleled.

Your multi-levels of Holistic Coaching have not even been identified by others in the holistic or mainstream field, and I’ve worked with many. You have offered a river of gifts to me and planted new seeds in me that are blooming quickly.

Things have opened up for me.  Many opportunities that I couldn’t even imagine have come my way. You helped pull me through self sabotage and master the techniques. I am no longer stuck in sabotage and procrastination. I’m immersing myself more in what counts.  I was always looking outside myself for answers. Your inner practices have given me the experience of my own internal power to create good health and actualize my dreams. You helped me position myself so that I now work with focus and presence rather than drowning in negative “what-ifs”

My body chemistry changes when I talk with you even when it’s by phone. I can feel myself filling with a potent energy of passion, aliveness, and creation. You have a gift for awakening in others a power that has been dormant. It is very positive and spiritual.

Lastly, I really appreciate the way you are able to shift in our sessions to move me through difficult health situations with your wealth of knowledge of nutritional therapy and herbal medicine.  I can clearly see now how my poor health and mental/emotional states are reflected in my business, level of prosperity, and relationships.  With deep gratitude!” M.S. November, 2013


"Thank you ever so much for the blessings you have bestowed upon my life.  The wisdom that you share and the manner in which you share it are so deeply appreciated. You have allowed my navigation through a turbulent time to be focused upon hope and healing change. My prosperity flow and so much more has improved with your Holistic techniques.  Thank you for all that you are; for all that you do; for the vibrant example of joy and radiant life.  You are a light in this world of the greatest magnitude."  F. V. 2012


Your life and your work are such gifts to those of us who are fortunate enough to know and work with you. Thank you for being such an important teacher to me and for the remarkable road you've helped me pave. You have truly changed the course of my life for the better with your influence during very bleak times. I look forward to continuing working with you in the coming year. L.H. 2012


Deborah Barr is a 31-year Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Coach, Author, and Speaker.  Her Whole Health approach works with complete systems rather than dissection into parts. She treats mind, emotions, body, and spirit as a single system, each influencing the other, and impacting relationships, environment, lifestyle, life's work, and finances. 

She has helped thousands of clients reverse chronic, acute and degenerative health conditions; lose weight naturally; create emotional harmony; and healthy, joyful, prosperous lives they love.  In 1985 Deborah founded Whole Health Resources, the premier Holistic Center in Pittsburgh. 

Her extensive training in Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Shiatsu, Physiognomy (Oriental Diagnosis), Attitudinal Healing, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Development have led to her unique brand of Whole Health Coaching.  Her expertise in numerous disciplines has given her a high client success rate for healthy, fit bodies and minds; balanced, nourishing, prosperous lives; and passion, fulfillment, and inner peace with her unique whole person approach. 

If you’re looking for an experienced expert to help you create radiant Whole Health in body, mind, emotion, spirit and life, Deborah can help.  She’s dedicated much of her life to sorting through the hype, studying with masters, and creating thousands of client successes.

Schedule a 60-minute Introductory Session; regularly $145; for a limited time only $95. Save an additional $35 through December 30th, 2017, by using the code GETHEALHY at checkout and pay only $60. If you have questions, contact me at or 412.361.8600.

Sessions can be done by phone (eastern time), Skype, or at my Pittsburgh office and are 55 minutes.  Some clients opt for double sessions. Two or three sessions monthly will bring you quickest results.  Clients are asked to make a commitment to the process. Amount of sessions depends on the severity of problems.  Most problems took many years to develop and it is not practical or reasonable to think they will all clear up after one session. I work with clients over a 3-12 month time period, and provide phone and email support between sessions during business hours.  Some clients are already on a good path and only require a few sessions. You will receive a customized recommendations and assignments based on your uniqueness. Your investment of time and energy will reap a lifetime of health, vitality, joyful living, and peace of mind.


A Whole Health approach is not one-size-fits-all

Deborah is one of the very few coaches in the world who has extensive training and clinical experience in the relationship and connection between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit; how they each impact the other; and how everything you choose from food, attitudes, lifestyle, relationships, environment, and life's work feeds and creates you and everything in your life moment by moment.  Deborah combines solid counseling recommendations for your uniqueness with coaching. 

Some coaches or counselors are trained in single disciplines; some in nutrition, others in personal development or energy medicine, etc.  Others took a weekend coaching workshop. Deborah's 27 years professional training and clinical experience is in a variety of modalities has given her expertise in numerous disciplines with a high success rate for healthy, fit bodies and minds, balanced, nourishing, healthy, abundant lives; and inner peace.   She has been providing Holistic Services long before it was popular, and offers a full range of coaching/counseling services via phone and/or email, skype, or in her Pittsburgh office.

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Make your journey shorter with Deborah Barr as your health and happiness partner.


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