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Holistic Weight Loss Downloadable Program

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Holistic Weight Loss downloadable Program with seven mp3 recordings, 2 e-books and Pre-Paving for Success e-Guide now available.  Be Your Own Weight Loss Guru For a Healthy, Fit Body and Mind

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Learn to create radiant health, balanced weight and emotional harmony from Deborah Barr, an expert with 28 years clinical experience and professional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Attitudinal Healing (spiritual psychotherapy), yoga, spiritual development, and other modalities.  Click here for complete bio.


Do you wrestle with your appearance and struggle with diet and exercise? 

Do you force yourself to eat all the "right" foods and follow someone else's rules? 

Have you  been eating low-cal, low-fat, fat-free, and artificial foods for many years and still struggle with weight and health issues? 

Is your weight keeping you from feeling good about yourself and living your life fully? 

Are you confused and frustrated by all the popular diet trends? 

Are you repeating the same patterns and getting the same unwanted results?

Do you fear your next option is using weight loss pills and potions that compromise your health, or, worse yet, dangerous weight loss surgery?


There is not and never can be a universal standard for what constitutes the right food for everyone.  There is no right way that works to bring everyone a healthy, fit body.  We're flooded with advice on what to eat, what not to eat, and how to eat, all of which is very confusing.  There are far too may opinions and trends about what's right for you.

Weight issues are health issues.  Your body is not separate from your mind, emotions and spirit.  Long-term success in losing weight comes from addressing the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual causes. Willpower, sacrifice, deprivation and drugs are NOT part of good health or my Holistic approach.  This TeleSeminar is designed to make the information work for you and your lifestyle and help you navigate through the changes in positive ways.

Do you continually follow the popular diet trend of the day, use weight loss pills and potions, or step up your exercise program? Perhaps you’ve even included positive affirmations and visualizations, and you still haven’t been able to maintain a healthy weight.  discover the most important and overlooked tools for losing weight.

Based on the best of modern and Traditional nutritional philosophies; Traditional Chinese Medicine; the principles of Attitudinal Healing; and 28 years clinical experience helping clients reverse weight, health, emotional and lifestyle problems.  This approach has been developed, taught, and continually refined by Deborah Barr for nearly 22 years with much success. 


Section I:  The Best Foods for You--Creating Your Customized Plan; Nutritional Detoxification and Cleansing

There is no one way of eating that is appropriate for everyone.  This Holistic approach  addresses the main causes of weight issues. You’ll learn how dieting causes weight gain, why calories don't count,  and how to determine the best path for your personal condition and uniqueness. 

  • Assessing your Unique Body/Personality Type -- What to Feed It
  • Creating your customized Food Plan
  • How Food Sensitivities Keep you Overweight, Sick and Unfocused
  • Why Blood Sugar Imbalances Contribute to Weight Gain
  • Making Sense of Contradictory Dietary Information   
  • How To Establish Healthy Metabolism 
  • Practices and Tips for Quick and Healthy Weight Loss
  • Food is Energy -- Why Calories Don't Count
  • Nutritional Detoxification and Cleansing

Poor metabolism affects not only overweight and underweight conditions, but also causes fatigue, weak digestion, malaise, weakness, adrenal, bladder and kidney problems and body temperature that is too hot or too cold.  Learn many healthy tips to restore your metabolism and reverse these issues.

You'll receive self assessments to help you understand your unique body and personality.  Together we'll customize a flexible plan that will give you the healthy, fit body you desire in satisfying ways.  Following your customized plan will reverse many health issues which are often caused by the same choices as weight issues.

The Whole Health e-Book, Holistic Weight Loss, includes all of this information.

Nutritional Detoxification and Cleansing

Would you like to detoxify harmful substances such as sugar, excess fat and cholesterol, drugs, caffeine, alcohol or nicotine from your body?  Do you experience headaches, or other aches and pains?  Do you tend to overeat or eat fast foods, fried foods or refined foods?  Do you suffer with allergies, congestion, digestive problems and other health or weight issues? 

Certain foods and supplements can gently or strongly cleanse harmful substances from the body, renewing vitality, restoring health, giving one a sense of lightness and clarity.  Many people, however, embark on detox or cleansing diets with very little information as to the right approach for their unique body type and health condition doing more harm than good.

This TeleClass will help you assess the right way to approach cleansing and detoxification to get the results you desire in the most healthful way. WholeHealth techniques for detoxing harmful attitudes, emotions and lifestyle habits will be addressed.

Detoxification is not appropriate nor recommended for pregnant and lactating women; those with serious physical and mental degenerations; or those who are deficient, frail and weak.

Because of environmental factors, Spring and Fall are the most auspicious times to embark on a Cleanse.

Your guide for Nutritional Detoxification and Cleansing is included in the e-book.


Session II --  Understanding Cravings, Addictions, Bingeing

Have you seen the commercial where the frustrated (and very convincing) actress exclaims she's tried everything--dieting, exercise and pills--to contain her hunger, yet nothing worked.  She goes on to convince you that risky and invasive surgery is the answer.

You don't have to diet, over-exercise, take dangerous drugs or mutilate your body to satisfy your hunger.  Did you know that certain foods stimulate your appetite, while others deplete nutrients and set you up for cravings for nutrient-dense foods?  There are many reasons for hunger and trying to contain, rather than satisfy your appetite in educated ways, causes health imbalances, and psychological and emotional distress.

Everything you crave and choose is filling some need.  Simply using will power to avoid things you know are not good for you will always bring struggle.  Learn how to interpret cravings & fill your needs in health-supportive ways and cravings and addictions will dissolve without struggle and will power.  The best dietary choices for you are those that leave you satisfied, healthy, happy and at your ideal weight.

Whether it's chocolate, ice cream, salt, high-fat, caffeine or others, you'll discover it's quite easy to eliminate cravings without struggle.  The best eating plan for you is one that creates a healthy, fit body, and satisfies you.

This class will also address why some people are addicted to problems, self-abuse, unhappiness and struggle.

Your guide to Understanding Cravings and Addictions is included in the e-book.


Session III and IV -  Self Sabotage, Conflicting Intentions, and Pay-Offs

Do know what you want yet continually make choices that oppose your health, weight and lifestyle goals?  Do you repeatedly experience the same negative outcomes despite your efforts?  The causes are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind and your relationship with yourself.  At some level you say and believe you want to lose weight and be healthier.  At a deeper, unconscious level you may not really want this. There is a clash of wills between your Higher and Lower minds.

Being overweight is filling a need within you and giving you a pay-off. This may sound crazy, but it’s true. It’s far easier to uncover the pay-off and the hidden need your extra weight is filling than it is to diet, struggle and deprive yourself. Weight issues have many positive pay-offs. When you discover them and learn to use Whole Health practices to fill all of your needs, weight issues will permanently leave you.

You’ll learn Whole Health Inner Fitness techniques to find the root causes and conflicting intentions that lead to self-sabotage and struggle; identify the pay-offs you are receiving from weight issues; and the tools to release them. Doing the inner work is the most effective way to experience more ease in creating a radiantly healthy, fit body, and mental/emotional harmony--permanently.

Your guide for Recognizing Self Sabotage, Conflicting Intentions, and Pay-Offs is included in the e-book.

What it's paying you to be overweight;
Releasing negative pay-offs;
Discovering conflicting intentions that keep you stuck;
How your body responds to your thoughts and emotions;
Recognizing and eliminating Self Sabotage;
How to let go of needs that are hurting you;
The most overlooked effective tool for weight loss;
Accessing your Higher Mind which always leads you to what you want with ease.  Excess weight is a metaphor;
Transforming struggle into ease, joy and well being;


You'll receive:

 both the Holistic Weight Loss e-book and e-cookbook

Pre-Paving for Success e-Guide

seven mp3 downloads from each session.  Download to your computer, mp3 player, or even burn a CD

effective holistic health information for blood sugar imbalances, Candida, belly fat, digestive issues, and other health challenges

What past participants have said:

"I lost 10 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks.  PMS and backache are gone.  My energy and attitude have improved and I feel happy, confident, and in control of my weight and health.  I am eternally grateful for your wisdom."

"After two weeks on your program I'm eating a ton of food and am 10.5 pounds lighter. I feel thinner all over.  I'm delighted and I'm satisfied and I'm not killing myself with exercising.  Something is positively changing in my body.  You are just an endless resource of knowledge. Thanks!" 

"I came to your weight loss workshop initially to lose weight, but it ended up to be so much more.  I often forgot about losing weight and focused on what foods made me feel good and the weight just came off.  It was amazing.  And it's effortless to maintain my weight.  Your classes have changed my life.  Sounds a little dramatic, but it's true." 

"Priceless is the word I would use to describe this TeleSeminar. I learned many tools that I can use in any situation to reach my goals. I look and feel better than I can ever remember, and at the same time am more satisfied than I've ever been."

Click Here to read more success stories.

If you’d like to get into shape NOW, experience better health and harmonious emotions, learn to interpret what your body really wants and needs; reverse negative attitudes and patterns that cause weight gain and poor health; create self-confidence and a healthy relationship between you and your body

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Take the fast track to accomplishing your weight loss and health goals!

Seven MP3 recordings 75-85 minutes each

Click Here to read what constitutes a successful weight loss program.

TeleSeminar Facilitator:

Program developed and facilitated by Deborah Barr, 28-year Global Holistic Health Counselor/Coach, speaker, and author, has helped thousands of clients reverse health and weight issues; achieve emotional harmony, radiant health, passion, peaceful living, work-life balance, and a life they love.  In 1985 she founded Whole Health Resources, the premier Holistic Health Center in Pittsburgh.  WHR’s mission is to promote the healing and development of body, mind and spirit, and to teach an understanding of the relationship between diet, attitudes, lifestyle and wellness. She offers free help through her 2 e-newsletters, Holistic Weight Loss, and Whole Health Matters, and free articles .Subscribe to newsletters.

Please Read Our Policy: Fees paid for distance/Teleclasses, home study and online courses, and downloadable programs are non-refundable.

WHR reserves the right to cancel any class when minimum registration requirements are not met and will issue 100% refunds to registered students.


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