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Winter and Special Occasion Foods Cookbook

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In the early 80's I was one of the chief cooks and developer of recipes in a Macrobiotic and Vegan Restaurant.  I later started a Natural Foods Catering business and Personal Cooking Service to help clients recover from all kinds of illnesses, including cancer.  I've professionally studied many modalities and am expert in Nutritional Therapy (meaning knowing which foods are best for individual imbalances); herbal medicine; Attitudinal Healing (mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of your challenges); shiatsu therapy, and other modalities. You can read my bio here.

There were no cookbooks with tasty recipes for whole foods that I could find during that era, so I started to make up a lot of my own.  I taught natural foods cooking classes throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

My professional life has evolved into writing, teaching, facilitating TeleSeminars and live Workshops, and Counseling and Coaching those who want to reverse disease, create emotional harmony, and happier lives.  I no longer provide the cooking services. 

Since I’m constantly emailing recipes to clients, I decided to put together this little e-cookbook with recipes relevant to this season, and plan on doing others in the future, including several on healing foods.

The food you eat is the foundation for the health of your organs, blood, cells, mind, emotions, and every system of your body.  There is no one way of eating that works to bring everyone good health.  There is not and never can be a universal standard for what constitutes good food.  Not everyone will benefit equally from foods that contain the same measure of nutrients.  The appropriateness of foods cannot be determined without knowledge of the condition and constitution of the individual. 

Rather than following the popular diet plan of the day with little or no results, doesn’t it make sense to have a customized plan that will bring you the healthy, fit body you desire?   You can schedule a consultation and you will be on your way to far better health.  Read some success stories here.

If you  have questions, call me at 412.361.8600 or send an email to   For thirty years I have helped thousands of people reverse disease; lose weight healthfully and permanently; and regain vibrant physical, mental, and emotional health.  50% of my clients are long distance from all parts of the world. Sessions can be done via phone, skype, or at my Pittsburgh office.

I create and facilitate many TeleSeminars and Webinars that can be attended from anywhere in the world.  These address a wide range of health, weight, emotional and lifestyle issues.  Subscribers will receive notification of these classes.

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