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Digestive Formulas - Please read our products policy

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FREE 15-minute consultation

It can be difficult choosing the right supplements for your health needs, constitution, and condition. For help making more informed choices email  or call 412.361.8600  for your free 15-minute consult. If your health issues are complex it may be necessary to schedule the longer, more in-depth consultation.

Consults are with Deborah Barr who has 30 years clinical experience and decades of professional training in Nutritional Therapy, Professi0nal Herbal Medicine, TCM, and many Holistic modalities.


  • Enteromend (enzymes - wheat, gluten and dairy intolerance)
  • Quiet Digestion (food absorption, belly fat, gastro bacterial and viruses,  enzymatic activity)
  • Colostroplex (gastro immunity, probiotic activity, impaired immunity, food intolerance)
  • Chzyme (same as Quiet Digestion with added digestive enzymes)
  • Six Gentlemen (loss of appetite, weak limbs, gas, bloating, nausea and vomiting)
  • Astra 18 (edema, phlegm, loose or erratic stools, eating disorders, food stagnation)
  • Astra Tea (reduces bloating and puffiness, improves digestion)
  • Aloe 22 (intestinal infections, chronic constipation, diverticular disorders, parasites)
  • Stomach Tabs (gastritis, ulcers, inflammation, bloating, food allergies)
  • GB6 (gall stones and gall bladder inflammation)
  • Shu Gan (food allergies, bloating, nausea, burping, regurgitation, gastritis)
  • Escape Restraint (GERD, acid regurgitation, stress and anxiety)
  • Isatis Cooling (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, gastric ulcers, prostate inflammation)
  • Formula H (inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids; stops bleeding from Chron's and  colitis)
  • Formula V (chronic venous insufficiency including varicose veins; hemorrhoids)
  • Phellostatin (yeast, fungi, rashes, rosacea, lethargy, sinus issues caused by yeast/fungi)
  • Source Qi - food not being digested, diarrhea, bloating, chronic bacterial or viral infections

Candidiasis, fungal infections, intestinal parasites, protozoa, giardiasis, entamebiasis and amoebid dysentery are best treated based on your individual constitution and condition. There are far more herbal remedies than those listed. Please call for complementary 15-minute consult.

  1. Treats symptoms of food intolerance including cramping, bloating, intestinal gas, nausea and diarrhea;
  2. Reduces intestinal inflammation; treats food sensitivities
  3. Helps heal the intestines by breaking down foreign proteins;
  4. Supports the digestion of a full spectrum of enzymes designed to break down carbohydrates, protein, and fats;
  5. Treats gluten and dairy intolerance, and other forms of food sensitivity

Enteromend can be used between meals to help heal the intestines as well as to reduce reactions to food when taken with meals.

Enteromend includes a full complement of enzymes to digest dairy products, protein, carbohydrates and fats. These enzymes are selected for their broad PH stability, and are combined to provide enzymatic activity throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

Administration 1 capsule before meals 3x daily; can also take 1 between meals 3x daily to reduce inflammation, for a total of  six daily

Ingredients - Proprietary blend of 9 enzymes selected for their broad PH stability.  This state of the art formula combines enzymes that provide enzymatic activity throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

Regularly $43.90  for 90-capsule bottle; Special Offer $39     Order here


Quiet Digestion -- Resolves digestive dampness and phlegm; treats gastric distress, abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, abdominal distension and belly fat, intestinal gas, bacterial or viral gastrointestinal flu; poor food absorption; motion sickness, hangover, jet lag; useful for food allergies; regulates digestive qi (chee).  This formula is rich in enzymatic activity.  Quiet Digestion is one of the most popular and effective formulas and should be a part of everyone's medicine cabinet and travel kit.  It is safe for children at a low dose.

Take 1-2 tablets before and/or after meals or as needed.  In acute conditions, take every 2 hours.

 Regularly $27.90 for 90-tablet bottle. now $24.95; 270-tablet bottle regularly $69.90; now $62.90

Click here to order Quiet Digestion 90-tablet bottle

Click here to order Quiet Digestion 270-tablet bottle


Colostroplex -- Restores gastrointestinal function and improves gastro immunity; treats bacterial gastroenteritis, diarrhea and other G.I. problems; reduces food intolerance; has probiotic activity.   Works better than probiotics.  Take 1-4 tablets daily between meals.   This is not a vegan product.

Regularly $27.90 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95   Click here to order.


Chzyme disperses dampness; resolves phlegm; dries dampness; regulates the stomach; reduces intestinal gas, bloating, cramping, regurgitation, nausea and diarrhea; treats gastroenteritis bacterial or viral; promotes the absorption of herb and vitamin products; helps food assimilation when taken with meals.  This is the same formula as Quiet Digestion with the addition of digestive enzymes to promote food assimilation.

Take 2 tablets 3x a day.

Regularly $27.90 for 90 tablets. now $24.95 .  Click here to order.


Six Gentlemen address fatigue, weak limbs, loss of appetite, gas and bloating after meals; resolves nausea and vomiting caused by dampness affecting digestive organs; treats phlegm accumulated due to digestive qi (chee) deficiency.

Take 2-3 tablets 3x a day between meals.

$27.90 for 90 tablets.
now $24.95   Click here to order.

$69.90 for 270 tablets. now $62.90   Click here to order.



Astra 18 Diet Supplement - treats eating disorders involving abdominal bloating, edema, phlegm, congestion, fatigue, and loose or erratic stools, poor digestion, reduces cholesterol and food stagnation (a cause of weight gain).   Useful as part of a weight loss program with Astra Diet Tea. Take 2-4 tablets 3x a day 1/2 hour before meals with 2 glasses of water of Astra Diet Tea.

Ingredients:  Astragalus, Alisma, Gardenia, Cyperus, Stephania, Tang-kuei, White Peony, Atractylodes, Platycodon, Sargassum, Crataegus, Scute, Ginger, Laminaria, Magnolia Bark, Pinellia, Citrus.

$27.90 for 90 tabletsSpecial Offer -- $24.95   Order here



Astra Diet Tea is a pleasant tasting dessert substitute.  It reduces dampness and phlegm which cause nausea, gas, bloating and puffiness; reduces appetite, improves digestion, invigorates energy, and the fiber content of the herbs will promote digestion and proper stools.  Pleasant tasting.  Have a cup after meals.  Does not contain caffeine or tea.  This is NOT a diuretic or laxative tea.

Also soothing for colitis and Crohn's disease.  Helpful for prevention and treatment of altitude sickness.

Regularly $8 for 16 teabags   Special Offer -- two for $13.95   Order Here

Ingredients:  Peppermint leaf, Eleuthero root, ginger root, loquat leaf, perilla leaf, lophatherum leaf.


Aloe 22 relieves chronic constipation; treats intestinal parasites, intestinal fungal infections and diverticular disorders; purges gall bladder heat, treats abdominal pain and distension and relieves intestinal spasm; enhances immunity and improves absorption of nutrients.  Combine with other formulas for candidiasis and parasitic infections.  Call 412.361.8600 for details of these formulas.  Aloe 22 is safe for long term use.

$27.90 for 90-tablet bottle.  Special Offer -- $24.95   Order here


Stomach Tabs soothes acute and chronic gastritis as well as gastric and duodenal ulcers; relieves inflammation, helps eliminate food allergies; improves absorption of nutrients; improves digestion, rids flatulence, relieves abdominal bloating. Useful for GI irritation from overeating, eating too quickly, erratic eating patterns, poor food combinations. Also useful for GI inflammation from stress, nervousness, anxiety, and pent-up emotions.  This is a slightly warming formula.

$27.90 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95 - Order Here


GB6 relieves pathogenic elements that contribute to acute gallbladder colic; helps dissolve gall stones; relieves chronic gallbladder inflammation with indigestion, nausea, and discomfort in the flanks, epigastrium, or abdomen. Effective in preventing stones in the urinary tract.

$26 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95 - Order Here


Shu Gan treats food allergies and related symptoms including poor digestion, abdominal bloating, nausea, burping, vomiting and regurgitation associated with hyperacidity. Has been used in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, chronic cholecystitis, gallstones, acute or chronic gastritis, distention and pain in the hypochondrium, or abdominal pain in the region of the liver or gallbladder (lower abdomen). Aids digestion; relieves pain.

$26 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95 - Order Here


Escape Restraint is used for fullness of the abdomen and chest, belching, vomiting, acid regurgitation and indigestion, It addresses peptic ulcers, gastritis, cholecystitis, intercostal neuralgia; can be used for stress and anxiety.

 $26 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95 - Order Here


Isatis Cooling treats Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers and prostate inflammation. It clears toxins, clears heat and activates blood circulation. This is a cooling formula and should be taken by those with heat signs. Do not use if you have a cold constitution.

$26 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95 - Order Here


Formula H - reduces inflammation of hemorrhoidal tissues; stops hemorrhoidal bleeding; resolves blood stools due to other conditions such as colitis and Crohn's disease; can be used for excessive menstrual bleeding due to heat.

$26 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95 - Order Here


Formula V treats chronic venous insufficiency including varicose veins, pain, heaviness, cramping, itching,, swelling of legs; treats chronic hemorrhoids.

$26 for 90 tablets.  Special Offer -- $24.95 - Order Here



Phellostatin treats fungi and candidiasis that cause digestive disorders, sinus congestion, rashes, rosacea, lethargy, headaches, joint/muscle pain; vaginal infections.

$69.90 for 270 tablets.  Special Offer -- $62.90 -  Order Here



Source Qi strengthens spleen/stomach; increases digestive function, tonifies Qi; dispels cold; resolves dampness;  relieves food stagnation; eliminates bloating; treats diarrhea accompanied by sinking of Qi, deficiency of spleen/stomach; prolapse of anus; food not being digested; can be used for Crohn's disease, parasite infections, chronic viral or bacterial infections.

Regularly $69.90 for 270-tablet bottle; now $62.90 - Order Here



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