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"I lost 20 pounds while eating large, healthy and delicious meals. I now have more energy that is more even throughout the day. I have also eliminated my problems with PMS and severe menstrual cramps and no longer need medication for my female problems."  Ms. J.P.

I came to see you for help in losing weight. Following your advice I did lose 12 pounds in 7 weeks but more importantly the 3 thyroid nodules I had are now two. One of them has gone and the other two are shrinking. I no longer feel the pain and swelling in my throat; my painful periods have become normal and I no longer have sweats; my hair has stopped falling out; I am no longer constipated and bloated; and was able to eliminate anti-depressants. I don't feel stressed and pressured anymore, and now feel happy and peaceful. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I am eternally grateful for your wisdom. L.S.

WOMEN'S HEALTH - Often women’s concerns are brushed aside by the medical profession and credited to pre-menopause, menopause, or post-menopause conditions with no real help given. PMS, menstrual cramps, menopause, cysts, fibroids, female cancers, endometriosis, skin problems, infertility and other common female disorders that arise in the different cycles of a woman's life can all be treated successfully by finding the cause which is rooted in organ imbalances. These imbalances are fed, kept in play and intensified by improper diet, unhealthy emotional states, personal truths that do not support wellness, and unhealthy lifestyle. Thousands of women have successfully reversed even severe problems.

I have helped thousands of women (even the skeptical ones) reverse health issues in safe, effective ways, including:  menopause and menstrual problems; thyroid issues, fertility problems; underweight and overweight conditions; cancer and negative effects of medical treatments; fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, skin problems, and emotional disharmonies, to name a few.

TREATMENT: You will discover many tools for recovering and maintaining health that can be integrated with your current health care. We find the causes of symptoms; offer dietary recommendations for prevention and relief; often incorporate herbs, vitamins and minerals. Many benefit from shiatsu therapy and yogatherapy. The impact of lifestyle factors and attitudes that work against health are also a focus of our approach to female problems. Each case must be treated individually.

Just because you're a woman, doesn't mean you have to suffer with what women typically have dealt with. You have unique needs. Deborah knows this from experience and from helping hundreds of women through Holistric counseling, seminars and classes.

Call a woman who knows and can help you with all female health issues you're dealing with. Click here for a 30-minute assessment consultation with Deborah or call 412.361.8600.

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