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"I had been feeling a lot of stress at work causing impatience, irritability and overall feelings of edginess and complacency. Since changing my eating habits and working with Deborah Barr, I have been more even tempered than at any time of my life. My friends and co-workers have even commented on how calm and peaceful I seem.

Even better, I have always been a poor sleeper but now, I fall asleep in several minutes and sleep soundly throughout the night. I've even lost 30 pounds and never felt like I was dieting. The Attitudinal Healing techniques she taught me quickly changed the way I responded to my challenges, bringing the results I wanted with far less effort.

Most important to me is that I feel more balanced. Thank you!"

Ms. K. G.


STRESS is a perception of how each individual interprets and responds to the events of their life. Our culture blames stress for everything from relationship problems to work-related difficulties to weight and health issues. The inability to handle life's challenges with ease is due to deficiencies of calming, receptive, grounding qualities and a personality that is not rooted or stable. When we are lacking in skills to adapt to life's changes and challenges with ease we experience life as stressful. A life that is unfulfilling and out of balance, a negative perception of reality and a pessimistic expectation of life all contribute. Our daily food choices either contribute to stress or ease it. When our liver is harmonious, there is never stress.

When our health is in balance, we are calm, courageous, adventurous, gentle, and accomplish a great deal without stress. We balance our lives with assertive action and receptive nurturing. Imbalances in the organ systems, and deficiencies and excesses in the body are a major cause of stress. Often psychotherapy is used, and, unless organ imbalances are restored to a significant degree, success is minimal. Stress contributes to disease, and physical disharmonies in the body contribute to stress.


At Whole Health Resources, we utilize therapies that work with the breath to calm, center, and relax; meditation techniques, attitudinal healing, Chinese herbs, and yogatherapy. Spiritual guidance is often employed. Shiatsu is very effective for harmonizing the body's energy, leaving one feel peaceful and energized. Appropriate diet for one's personal constitution and condition is paramount in resolving stress.  Diet has a huge impact on stress, negativity, and emotional disharmonies.

We customize programs for individual imbalances. Stress dissolves and one feels light, clear, content, peaceful, and has a sense of ease about life. Creativity, productivity, stability and adaptability improve. Vibrant, radiant health and joyful living are a side benefit.

"Are your habits and choices contributing to your well-being and joyful living or lack of it? Learn to accomplish a great deal with less effort and more peace, joy and vitality. Take the first step toward creating more balance and peace! Deborah can help. Search the class schedule for programs design specifically for you.

A Whole Health approach is not one-size-fits-all.  If you’d like a personalized plan for reversing health conditions and removing the degenerations that cause them, schedule a session with 28-Year Holistic Health and Nutrition Expert.  You can create a healthy, fit body and mind permanently in safe, effective ways that are nourishing and feel good to you.

Sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or in my Pittsburgh office. You can also call 412.361.8600 or email   

The sooner you get started, the sooner your health will improve.  You have far more control over your health than you realize. Schedule now to free yourself from the ravages of prolonged stress.

For home study, we suggest Creating a Life you Love e-Course, or Practical Spirituality e-Course

Register for Life and Health by Design TeleSeminar, a 8-Session intensive guaranteed to bring you the results you desire.  Soon to be a downloadable Course - late August, 2013.

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