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"When I first came to you, Deborah, I was suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and experienced a lot of pain and numbness in my hand, shoulder and neck. I was using medication and had an appointment scheduled with a surgeon that very day. I thought surgery was my only option.

With your help I began to implement wholistic and dietary changes and within days, I began to experience relief. Through a combination of dietary changes, herbs and shiatsu, I am now at 80% recovery without doing anything else but follow your recommendations.

It has been five months since I started your treatments and I have had no recurrences of pain, swelling, or severe numbness in my hand. I avoided surgery, I don't take any medications and I would recommend anyone suffering seek natural solutions and come see you."  F. S., Pittsburgh


PAIN - Headaches, back pain, arthritic pain, knee problems, muscular, joint, and tendon pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, menstrual pain, digestive pain, neck and back tension, dental pain all have many different causes. There are as many different causes of pain problems as there are names for them. Many deficiencies and excesses in the body as well as blood deficiency or stagnation, qi (energy) stagnation, too much dampness or dryness in the body, too much heat or coldness in the body all contribute to pain. Physical or mental Stress, injury, trauma, even viral infections can cause pain. Physical pain can be a manifestation of deeply rooted negative emotional states that can be transformed into balanced health at every level.

Proper TCM diagnosis is essential since different types of pain-transient pain, fixed pain, dull pain, sharp pain and pain that moves around must be accurately diagnosed and treated to achieve results.

The least invasive and most effective approach is to start with the foundations of our health-our daily diet. Most Americans do not consider the possibility of food being a remedy for pain. However, many of our clients have experienced the profound healing effects of eating the right foods for their particular pain condition. Proper foods work because they eliminate a lot of the causes and can be used to correct the above imbalances in the body.

TREATMENT - An effective treatment plan combines dietary factors relevant to the client's condition, often with external compresses or plasters, lifestyle factors, and recommendations for appropriate exercise. Shiatsu Massage Therapy is a very effective treatment for pain conditions. Herbs can help the process. Emotional clearing using Attitudinal Healing processes can be helpful for many. Occasionally, traditional healing techniques such as moxabustion (application of herbs with heat) or cupping (external application of suction cups) are used.

What hurts you right now? What's stopping you from doing something about it? Deborah has helped countless clients leave their pain behind. It's true for them and you can do it too. It's easier than you think through holistic practices.

We believe this so much that if you contact us, mention our web site, and Deborah will offer you a free 30-minute assessment call. It's your first positive step to being pain free!  Call 412.361.8600.

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