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“Within a 15 month period my 16-year old daughter had strep throat, then mononucleosis, then strep throat 4 more times. She has always been very active in sports at school, and with all the illness finally was unable to participate. Her grades suffered as well. She took endless antibiotics which I believe compromised her health in other ways.

She lost 20 pounds (and she was already slender), and was never able to regain the weight, her strength or her health. That is, until we came to see you. I must say I was very impressed at how thorough our sessions were with you. You recommended eliminating certain foods for a while and adding others that you stated would rebuild her system, give her strength and energy and help her gain weight. I do believe that the Chinese herbs you recommended helped to more quickly bring results and enhance the effects of the foods.

As you know, Julie is at a boarding school, so it may not have been so easy for her with the food, except that you found ways for her to choose wisely and make it work. We are so grateful to you. Julie has put on 15 pounds, is back playing sports, is feeling energetic and enthusiastic, has regained her healthy appetite, and hasn’t been sick in the 8 months since we’ve seen you.”

D.J. Philadelphia, PA


IMMUNE DEFICIENCIES - The failure of the immune system and the long list of degenerative diseases that are now prevalent is long. Included are cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, arthritic and rheumatic disorders, Alzheimer's, asthma, allergies, schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, intoxicant abuse and much more.

Causes include: Improper diet including  highly processed, chemical, devitalized foods, excessive animal foods, including dairy, rancid fats and oils, refined sugar and flour, preservatives and food additives. Also, overeating, poor food combining, along with poor oxygenation, and lack of appropriate physical activity. Mental or physical overwork, stress and pressure, feelings of separation, unresolved conflicts and resentments and a life that is out of balance all weaken immunity.

Building immunity and improving the healing response in part depend on the strength of the spirit of the person.

TREATMENT- a holistic approach can include nutritional therapy and herbs, lifestyle changes, appropriate exercise and activity, shiatsu, Attitudinal Healing, Emotional clearing and Spiritual renewal.

Your immune system is your best defense and your best tool in preventing illness. Deborah can help you with your current immune challenges and in becoming resistant to colds, flu's, viruses and chronic illness. Take a proactive step in the right direction.

A Whole Health approach is not one-size-fits-all.  If you’d like a personalized plan for reversing health conditions and removing the degenerations that cause them, schedule a session with 29-Year Holistic Health and Nutrition Expert.  You can create a healthy, fit body and mind permanently in safe, effective ways that are nourishing and feel good to you.

Sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or in my Pittsburgh office. You can also call 412.361.8600 or email   

The sooner you get started, the sooner your health will improve.

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