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"Dear Deborah:

Thank you so much for helping me turn my life around. When I first came to see you I thought all of my options were exhausted. So I wrote in my profile, 'I wished my life would just be over.'

I'm happy to say I no longer feel hopeless and defeated. I have never felt more content with myself and my life. My new job is great. My health is great and my life is great.

Thank you for my nutritional counseling, cooking classes, money class and spiritual journey classes. But mostly, thank you for your love, kindness and generosity."

Ms. M.B.

It's possible for you to feel joyful, content, fully alive, energetic, excited about your life, passionate, and more.  Many people experience a myriad of emotional imbalances from low self-esteem, excessive worry, anxiety, and fear to depression.  Get started now on some Holistic practices that will prevent and reverse excessive negative emotional states. I've helped thousands of clients recover their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Depression is now more common than it has ever been, and women are twice as likely to suffer with depression as men. Your mind, emotions and body are not separate.  Depression is experienced in the mind and emotion and is rooted in imbalances in the organs and systems of the body.

For example, when liver energy is stagnant, obstructed, or overheated, a myriad of emotional (and physical) problems result. This profoundly affects the blood quality and the digestive organs. When emotions are repressed, they cause depression. Mood swings and excessive emotional states are generally related to the liver. Unresolved emotional issues are stored physically as residues in the liver. When emotions are worked through, understood and transformed, these residues are released.

Excessive stress, perfectionism, pressure, overwork, over committing, pushing oneself too hard, and competition damage our nurturing, relaxed, delicate and peaceful qualities. Erratic eating, work and sleep habits contribute. Tense, hyperactive aspects of the personality predominate.  This is all related to your liver and there are many foods that contribute and many that can heal.

Regular exercise,  daily relaxation, stress transformation tools, and a diet customized for your constitution and condition are essential elements of a plan for creating emotional harmony. All negative emotional states are rooted in a stagnant liver--usually combined with other disharmonies such a lung deficiencies, kidney yang deficiency, digestive disharmonies, and others. 

I customize a therapeutic nutritional plan that decongests and regenerates the organs, harmonizes the body, and provides a good balance of amino acids and all nutrients. Attitudinal healing, herbal medicine, meditation, lifestyle practices, spiritual guidance, creative problem solving, and creating a plan that allows for a nourishing rhythm to one’s life are all useful for treating negative mental and emotional state, including depression.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy is very effective for harmonizing all imbalances in the body, as well as creating a peaceful, balanced state.

Important points:
  • A perfect food or diet that will bring everyone healthy mind and emotions does not exist.  Your nutrition should be customized for your unique constitution, condition, and overall health.
  • The food you eat can regenerate your body, mind, emotions, and spirit when you understand how to use it for your constitution/condition.
  • Your body, mind, emotions and spirit are not separate entities.  They are one continuum of energy.
  • If you're experiencing mental and emotional problems it's highly likely that your physically health is negatively affected.
Examples of emotional states related to specific organ systems--physically or energetically:
Heart:  scattered, confused mind, unclear communication, loss of clarity, lack of joy, excessive sadness, too tense, inability to enjoy life, memory loss, mental illness, including depression, mania, and lack of deep motivation and will.
Liver:  Depression is always rooted in a stagnant liver.  Other emotions include anger, impatience, frustration, resentment, stubborn, controlling, impulsive and/or explosive personality; inhibited in expressing emotions, lack of enthusiasm and spark to live, indecisive, and moody.
Spleen/Pancreas (digestive organs):  anxiety, worry, overly sensitive, insecure, distant, over-thinking, and non-expressive.
Lung:  depression, lethargy, unclear thinking, excessive sadness and grief, unable to cope with minor situations, negative, indifferent, anxious, worried, unhealthy attachments--can't let go, can't hold on to a direction in life.
Kidney:  fear, insecurity, phobias, general anxiety about life, paranoia, always expecting the worst, consumed with worry, withdrawn, and lack of confidence.
All physical, mental and emotional problems are rooted in the foods you consume.  When you work through the root causes and correct physical imbalances, the corresponding emotional patterns resolve.

A Few Client Successes:

"After only a few weeks of following your recommendations I feel 100% better. I am no longer short-tempered or miserable and my emotions are more even. My muscles aren’t as tense, my sleep is better, and I am not waking up tired as I used to. I no longer need to take a nap and my energy has improved significantly. I lost 5-10 pounds and am eating more than I used to." Georgeanne Y. Pittsburgh,

"I had chronic lower back pain for years.  It never occurred to me that what I was eating contributed.  Thanks to your nutritional advice, the pain is gone and I've saved a lot of money I was previously spending on medical treatments and medication that weren't really helping.  A bonus from your work is the low level anxiety that I constantly felt is gone."  J. D.

"Anxiety and depression are lifting and that wasn't even why I came to see you. Not only am I lighter (I lost 7 lbs. since I saw you 3 weeks ago), but I feel lighter mentally and emotionally.  In addition, my energy has improved significantly.  Your approach to weight loss truly is "holistic".  I am practicing your "attitudinal" techniques and am really noticing the connections between my mental state and my weight.  You've given me many useful tools.  I'm only sorry I waited so long to schedule with you."  B.M.  Erie, PA


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