“Deborah has given me not only sound recommendations as a result of many years of training and experience but also HOPE. Prior to meeting you, my attempts to reverse my problems in my time of health and life crisis were fruitless. Deborah is a person with the knowledge, skills and words that can change one’s life in positive ways-a true blessing! I have experienced miracles as a result. This is tough to explain, but, she has brought me-me.” S.J. 
Holistic/Ho Lis Tic/ – concerned with complete systems rather than dissection into parts; treats mind, emotions, body, spirit; views all aspects as a single system, each influencing the other, including relationships, environment, lifestyle, life’s work, finances.Deborah is one of the very few coaches in the world who has extensive training and clinical experience in the relationship and connection between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit; how they each impact the other; and how everything you choose from food, attitudes, lifestyle, relationships, environment, and life’s work feeds and creates you and everything in your life moment by moment. 

Deborah combines solid counseling recommendations for your uniqueness with coaching.  The success rate for coaching alone is only 22%. Some coaches or counselors are trained in single disciplines; some in nutrition, others in personal development or energy medicine, etc.  Deborah’s 28 years of professional training and clinical experience is in a variety of modalities for your Whole Health.  She has been providing Holistic Services long before it was popular, and offers a full range of coaching/counseling services via phone and/or email, or in her Pittsburgh office including:

Health Coaching — acute, chronic and degenerative diseases
Weight Loss:  Creating your Ideal Body
Emotional Harmony and a clear, focused mind
Personal Development and Transformation
Work-Life Balance
Creating a Life You Love
Life Coaching

What Would You Like To Change?
Are you feeling stuck?
Are you burdened with health and/or weight problems?
Are you repeating the same patterns and getting the same unwanted results?
Does it seem like you are surrounded by negativity?
Are outer conditions controlling your life?
Would you like to create more satisfying relationships with everyone in your life?
Do you feel as though something important is missing in your life?
Would you like to consciously design and create a healthier, happier, more abundant life?

Would you like to reverse health conditions, lose weight without struggle, deprivation and dangerous drugs; experience harmonious emotions, live with joy rather than struggle; change difficult situations for the better; reverse negative attitudes and patterns; deflect negative people and situations;  and create a peaceful, passionate, abundant life?  Click here or call 412.361.8600 to schedule a 30-minute session by phone, skype, Pittsburgh Office.  This is a $75.00 value; now only $49.

Why It’s Important to Work with Deborah
In recent years, Holistic Health has gained much popularity with a substantial increase in practitioners who call themselves Holistic Health healers and Nutritional Therapists, many of whom have little or no professional training or clinical experience.  Often this results in inadequate, ineffective, even harmful counseling advice for clients.

Deborah’s expertise, professional training, and 28 years clinical experience are in Traditional Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on Nutritional Therapy, Oriental Diagnosis, and Herbal Medicine.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, many factors determine the most beneficial foods for each individual:  constitutional strengths and weaknesses, all health conditions, mental and emotional states, age, activity level, lifestyle factors, and more.  Foods are recommended based on their correspondence with individual patterns, modified by the season, the climate, and all health conditions.  Not everyone will benefit equally from foods that contain the same measure of nutrients.  The appropriateness of foods cannot be determined without knowledge of the context of the person eating them.  There is no one way of eating that works to bring everyone good health.  There is not and never can be a universal standard for what constitutes good food.

Deborah is certified in Attitudinal Healing which is a therapy used to uncover the mental/emotional and spiritual causes of your problems; how you may sabotage your efforts; and conflicting intentions that oppose your well-being.  Through Attitudinal healing your will learn to listen to the messages your body and life are communicating to you in new ways to discover the hidden meaning and positive gifts within your problems.  This is a process of uncovering attitudes, personal truths, and fears that have created your current situation. It helps you understand how negative mental/emotional states can work for you, rather than against you. You will learn to create harmony, balance and strength through the conflicts and struggles in your life.  When this happens, the problems dissolve as you no longer have a need for it.

Deborah also has many years of training in Shiatsu Therapy, a therapeutic massage which is based on the same energetic principles as acupuncture and uses hands instead of needles. Yogatherapy and Corrective Exercise; Meditation, Guided Visualization and Spiritual Development are other areas of my expertise.  

Deborah strives to correct imbalances and disharmonies in the body, mind, emotions, and lifestyle by eliminating the causes; healing existing degenerations, and regenerating and building the health of the entire system.  This is the only way to achieve lasting results in health, weight and lifestyle issues. Click here for complete bio.

Holistic Counseling offers you the ability to substantially improve your health and happiness in safe, non-invasive ways.  With professional guidance and support the process can be made easier.  Her programs for health and happiness are individualized and take on the direction that is mutually agreed upon by counselor and client.

A professional, experienced Counselor/Coach can help you get the results you want.  For twenty-six years Deborah Barr has been helping clients achieve renewed health, emotional harmony, vital energy, weight loss, passionate living, work-life balance, a nourishing lifestyle,  inner peace, and a life they truly love with her unique whole person approach.

Her unique blend of counseling and coaching meets the unique needs of each individual, focused on the priorities that can help make your health and life better – right now and for the long term.  You will be supported in reaching your goals in a shorter time than doing it on your own.

Counseling can include Nutritional Therapy (using appropriate foods to reverse health conditions), Herbal Medicine, Inner Fitness processes, Attitudinal Healing, stress elimination techniques, and life-style modification in some cases. Deborah’s Whole Person approach sees the body/mind/spirit as intimately connected with each aspect influencing the other and the quality of your life. 

Coaching will guide you toward clarity in your thinking, empower you to remove obstacles and make changes necessary to reach your goals, teach you creative problem solving; draw out and develop your greatness give you accountability in an environment where you are fully listened to in a non-judgmental way.

Deborah has over 28 years of success stories. Wouldn’t you like to be the next one?

An open mind, a willingness to take responsibility for yourself and what you take away from the sessions; ready to learn, take action and make changes; a desire to recognize self-sabotage and conflicting intentions and release them; an ability to trust an intuitive process of learning; readiness to honor yourself & your priorities, and a commitment to the process.

How We Work Together
The relationship between counselor and client is a powerful alliance designed to help you achieve specific, identified goals.  The process may address general conditions in your life or profession.  Deborah is interested in your complete medical history, how you respond to life’s challenges, your fears and aspirations, and what makes you unique.  Her questions are geared towards identifying what is causing your problems. 

Recommendations are made based on your unique condition, and will change as your condition changes.  I will provide effective recommendations to achieve your goals and determine what’s stopping you. I will educate, guide, motivate and support you to success at every level, including physical, mental/emotional and lifestyle.

Clients are asked to make a commitment to the counseling process.  Follow-up is required and amount of sessions depends on the severity of problems.  Most problems took many years to develop and it is not practical or reasonable to think they will all clear up after one session. I work with clients over a 3-12 month time period, and provide phone and email support between sessions during business hours.   A client’s investment of time and energy will reap a lifetime of health, vitality, joyful living, and peace of mind. 

Counseling/coaching sessions can be done by phone, skype and email, or in our Pittsburgh office.  Nearly 50% of our clients are long-distance with clients in 10 countries.  You can choose the amount of sessions that work best for you.  When you schedule you will be sent an Intake Questionnaire which must be returned prior to the session.  A detailed personalized booklet of recommendations is given at in-person sessions, and sent via email for phone sessions.  Email support between sessions with prompts, additional guidance and clarification, motivation, and inspiration is provided.

Counseling/coaching sessions are a process designed to keep you moving forward.  Discovering and eliminating causes is an important part of the process.