The recent increase in the spread of cancer, according to some evidence, is due to the increase in sedentary lifestyles, overeating of rich, fatty food, lack of sufficient vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, depletion of the soil, modern food processing, low-level radiation, environmental toxins, weakened immunity. Other factors include smoking, the quantity of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics added to food, questionable water, and the saturation of the environment of radiation. Consumption of rancid and poor-quality oils is also a factor. Cancer can result from over-nutrition.

Repressed emotions, stagnating resentments, emotional extremes, and unhealthy attitudes and beliefs and approach to life are contributing factors.

Our approach to cancer is drawn from ancient and modern therapies. Methods are used to build up the system so that it can naturally overcome cancer, and, at the same time, eliminate the excesses that feed the cancer. These therapies have been clinically proven to eliminate degenerations that cause cancer and renew the internal organs. Rejuvenation of the entire human organism then occurs.

Recommendations are carefully given to match foods and other therapies to the condition, constitution, age and lifestyle of the individual. Often, other degenerative diseases are reversed with the same approach.

The National Cancer Institute has acknowledged that diet plays a major role in the development of cancer. Dietary healing is a major focus of our therapy for cancer, and each case needs to be treated individually. Cancer and other degenerative disorders affect all systems of the body. Those who are successful focus their intent on awareness, diet, emotions, attitudes, and lifestyle factors. Ongoing holistic support from experienced professionals can make the process smooth.

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