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LOVE, a Higher Perspective -- Deborah Barr, 2000-17. All rights reserved.

Webster’s defines love as “the fatherly concern of God for man; brotherly concern for others; unselfish concern that freely accepts another in loyalty and seeks his good; the attraction based on sexual desire; the affection and tenderness felt by lovers”.

Many Spiritual philosophies define love as an invisible force that connects all life forms on the planet to each other, and to a higher power (which some call God, Source, All That Is). Love is your essence, your innate spiritual perfection which is at your core, and is your truest nature. It is the place from which you can access answers and solutions to all of your challenges.

You are equipped with an innate guidance system that is pure, perfect, spiritual Love. Some call this Soul, Spirit or Higher Self. This aspect knows no limits and only knows qualities of Love.  Love in this context is the essence of life, of God, of Spirit and not the emotional love that most relate to.   Love is joy, goodness, acceptance, kindness, compassion, empathy, connection or unity with all, including the Divine.  This kind of Love is at the core of everyone.  Love, Light, God, the Divine are all interchangeable words

Spiritual Love embraces everyone, excludes no one, never dies, knows no fear, and will always lead you in the right direction. It is not the same as emotional love which is conditional.

You experience spiritual love in many ways in your day to day life. It shows up in acts of loving kindness; a warm smile to or from a stranger; giving when and where you see a need; and having the ability to receive freely. Expressing compassion, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness are acts of spiritual love. Doing so allows your spiritual perfection to emerge.

This kind of Love can be found everywhere in the beauty and perfection of nature, and in all people if you have the vision to see it. Love is seeing the good in everyone and everything, including yourself, rather than focusing on the negatives. Spiritual Love means understanding the oneness of all of humanity.  You are not separate from anyone.

Often it is easy to extend kindness, compassion, empathy and forgiveness to others. However, for many, bestowing this spiritual love upon oneself is a difficult task.  Are you quick to judge yourself, make yourself wrong, when you are not living up to your self-imposed perfection expectations? Do you tell yourself that when you get it “right”, or achieve perfection, you’ll love yourself?

Or, worse yet, do you love yourself based on your accomplishments, weight, looks,  bank account,  success in the world, and what others think and say about you. Some are waiting for the right person to make them complete and whole by loving them and validating that they are lovable. This is a backwards approach to having what you want.  Authentic self love and acceptance is a tool to bring you all that you want.

Negative self-judgment is the opposite of love.  It is one of the most demoting factors in your ability to deeply know yourself, to change and grow. It creates non-action. Why are you so hard on yourself and so unwilling to accept that you are a great human being just as you are?  You are worthy and deserving of all the goodness life has to offer by your birthright.

Your view of life and of yourself is often learned from your role models, the media, and religious and cultural conditioning. Unfortunately, our culture does not often support self-acceptance and self-love without accomplishment.  Your degree of self value is too often based on tangible, material things, rather than spiritual qualities.

Loving and respecting yourself is the most direct route to good health, happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, and fulfillment from life. Many say that they love themselves; however, their lives do not reflect self love. Love heals because love is everything that is good and positive. When absolute, unconditional love is present, it means there is no fear, doubt, control, guilt, anger, or judgment, all of which are the opposite of love, and

Building Your Love Quotient

       Intention is first and foremost – know what you want and why you are choosing it. Intention is not the same thing as wishing and hoping. It is a spiritual quality and is definite.  Get relaxed and join with the energy that creates worlds and focus on your intention.

       Forgive yourself for everything.  If you have guilt, forgiveness is necessary.  There are no mistakes. Everything you’ve done has always been the best choice you could have made based on the amount of wisdom, experience, and knowledge you had at the time. What’s important is how you’ve grown.

       If there is any anger or resentment towards another, figure out what the positive is from the experience, forgive those concerned, and let it go.

       Acknowledge yourself everyday for something. Even better, acknowledge yourself to others daily. Likewise, compliment, acknowledge, and express love to others daily.

       Say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes. Do you commit to things because you think you are the only answer?  Trust that life has unlimited answers to every problem. When you honor yourself by not over-committing, you open the door for the universe (God, Higher Power, etc.) to take over.

       Engage in daily activities that make you feel light and joyful. Laugh every day.

       Perform loving acts of kindness regularly—anonymously.

       Engage in activities that help you remember your spiritual perfection. This could be any creative activity that keeps you in the moment; any activity that gets you out of your head; being in nature; meditation or prayer (there is no right or wrong way to pray); journaling, quiet time for self-reflection and communication with your higher self or inner wisdom.

       When negative feelings emerge from or toward another, try to get inside their shoes and feel what they are feeling. If you truly understood a person’s history, it would be easy to replace judgment and criticism with compassion and empathy, both of which are qualities of Love.

       Become the person you are trying to attract. That’s right. Define the qualities of someone you would like to have in your life and live those qualities. Like attracts like. You will become a magnet for the kind of love you are seeking.

It is not selfish or narcissistic to engage in self-love as many believe; it is actually arrogant to not love oneself. It does not mean that you are better than anyone else.  Love or lack of it affects everyone and everything in the universe. Being respectful and loyal to yourself, your ideals and values will not only positively change your life, but also contribute to world peace.

Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone came from spiritual love? We would create a peaceful world for ourselves, our children and generations to come, a humanity based on Love and Respect rather than Fear.

 Deborah Barr, 2000-17. All rights reserved.


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