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CREATING BALANCE IN A WORLD OF CHAOS -- Deborah Barr, 2000-16. All rights reserved.

The global chaos of violence, terrorism, and war is impacting all of us even though the effects may not be experienced directly. Prejudice and hatred abound in our so-called civilized society not only toward others, but also toward ourselves.

Chaos starts at an individual level. It takes many fearful, angry people in agreement to create wars. All outer experiences reflect our inner world of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The chaos begins with our inner discontent, lack of self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-love. Healthy, happy, loving people do not create wars. Everything that goes on inside each one of us fulfills itself out in the world and affects everyone. The state of the world is a reflection of our collective inner worlds. Social change occurs when we reflect on our lives, our circumstances, our problems, and take positive action from the inside out. This means a change in our perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. Hatred, prejudice, and violence will never be resolved with more of the same.

Personally, many are feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty, sickness, overwork, overload, relationship difficulties, and change. For many, life has become out of balance, or, worse yet, out of control, and this is reflected in the whole, or in the state of the world.

Often when the stresses of modern day living overcome us, we forget who we are and what we're capable of. We let doubt and fear take over. Peace of mind, clarity and the strength to deal with and reverse difficulties are part of each of us.

We all have the ability to create peace within ourselves and add to the creation of a harmonious unified world. Each of us has the ability to go beyond what is. We've forgotten that we're intimately connected to a larger whole-to the limitless source of all creation. We've separated ourselves from this power. We've done this out of lack of understanding of our truest nature, which is spiritual which has nothing to do with organized religion.  When we are making our choices from this higher aspect of us--spirit--only good can prevail. Spirit is the invisible energy that is eternal and perfect. It is not static; there is no place where it doesn't exit; there is no person who has more or less of it. Some may be more aware of its presence than others.

Many people blame the problems of the world on a God that is not listening. God gave us the responsibility for creating our lives, and free will to choose how we are going to treat others and ourselves.

Everything we take in affects our inner world of thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and beliefs. Every food we eat, interaction we have, environment we are in-everything we choose to see, hear, touch, taste and smell influences our inner world, the course of our lives, and the state of the world. All phenomena in the universe are comprised of vibrational energy. Our personal vibration is determined by the accumulation of everything we have taken in and continue to take in through all of our senses. Energy attracts what is most like itself. How we think and feel is a match for our reality.

We have too many negative influences stimulating us in great detail--everything from television, newspapers, science, religion, and the media TO pessimistic, fearful family and friends, complaining co-workers, and our critical, harsh way of thinking about ourselves. This all contributes to the turmoil in the world. The more we're exposed to these conditions, the more we become them.

How do we change our inner world? The first step is awareness. This means paying attention to what we think and feel, and how we treat ourselves, especially mentally. It also means looking for cause and effect-the result that our choices bring. Every time we have a negative thought about anything, the experience of that thought intensifies. When we have thoughts of fear, doubt, worry, anger, self-hatred, or any negative, those thoughts cause us to feel badly emotionally and even physically. How we feel is our point of attraction. We draw to ourselves more of what we are feeling. What we think and feel does influence the whole. Becoming aware of the choices we've made that cause us to think and feel negative allows us to consciously make new choices that will bring healthier and more peaceful outcomes.

Intent and Focus are paramount in our ability to change ourselves and the world. Many do not understand the power of their own influence to create life's experiences. Creative life force energy is the biggest part of us. It is our spiritual power, and its potential is unlimited. We construct reality every day and mostly by default, with no conscious thought given to the process. Whatever thoughts we think about another or the world become our experience. We are not separate from our thoughts. They are the same thing as our reality. Our spirit does not differentiate thoughts about another and thoughts about ourselves. When we give mental attention to the imperfections of another or of the world, our spirit aspect does not see it as somebody else, just sees the thought as us, and makes it more real in our experience. When we give our focus only to what we want it will invigorate us more than anything else we can do. That focus will influence positive changes in the world. If enough of us set an intention on acceptance, love, peace, and freedom for all, and give that intention some daily focus, we will see that vision actualized.

Because we all eat 3 or more times a day, and it is an area in which we have control, I want to place some emphasis on the subject of food. What you eat, and the way you prepare and consume it, impacts your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Food is so much more than the sum of its nutrients. All foods have specific energetic properties that can cause us to feel positive, energized, uplifted and peaceful, or negative, tired, angry, fearful and discontent.

Foods that are most effective for creating healthy, peaceful people and planet are those given to us by the environment. When the foundation of your daily diet consists of whole grains, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, and balanced proteins, you become more in harmony with others and the planet. Everyone needs their own individualized version of diet based on constitutional strengths and weaknesses, current health condition and other factors. Many aggressive behaviors and mental imbalances stem from health conditions such as hypoglycemia, allergies, yeast overgrowth and others, all of which can be corrected with proper diet. Please seek qualified guidance on the most appropriate foods for your condition and what you are trying to accomplish. Do not underestimate the power of food to create individual harmony and a peaceful society.

A Potent Tool For Change

Love is the most powerful and effective tool for changing everything from health problems to war. When you are living your life and functioning from our Highest Self, you are taking the spiritual road. This is not possible without self-love and acceptance. Love, God, and spirit are the same thing. Love is what you are at your core. Many don't experience the feeling of self-love because of the layers of negativity that have accumulated over a lifetime. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are that led to a lack of self-love. What matters is how you are choosing to treat yourself in this moment.

You can dissolve those layers by deciding and intending to. For some the idea of loving themselves is no easy task. Look for reasons to love yourself. Know what makes you feel joyful and peaceful and do those things regularly. When you are extending love and compassion toward yourself you raise your vibration and the joy and bliss that always existed emerges. This impacts those around you and the world in powerful ways.

Own your divinity and hold yourself and others in that space. Learn to sense life from new and higher levels through the language of spirit (love). When we speak the language of spirit this brings KNOWINGNESS of what is right and good. You can't force it. Don't think about it too much. ALLOW it in. Practice ALLOWING it. Don't let your mind block it. At some level you know these things to be true. It's difficult to extend acceptance and love to others when you can't give it to yourself.

When you learn to look at problems and chaos from a larger perspective, you can become triumphant in your quest for peace. Within chaos lies the potential for clarity, peace, and well-being for all of mankind. Fear, doubt, and remaining stuck in the past slow you down. Learn to stay present with an eye to the vision of harmony, well-being, peace and love within the world.

All problems, whether personal or global, are a catalyst for change and hold the seeds of their opposite-a peaceful, healthy, unified society. It starts at the individual level. All things are possible. We create a peaceful society one by one. When enough of us can find it within ourselves to see the good and divine in everyone (including ourselves) and everything, our world will show up in a joyful, peaceful and loving way.

The chaos is our teacher and holds many gifts. The lesson is not complex. Look deeply within and the answers will be obvious.  Chaos is urging us to seek and live from the spiritual core of life.

©Deborah Barr, 2002-16. All rights reserved.


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