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End Sabotage NOW! ©Deborah Barr, 2016

Do you continually set goals with firm resolve and even take some new actions only to have your enthusiasm fizzle within a few short weeks?

The sabotaging voices in your head give you plenty of good reasons and justifications for making choices that oppose your goals and your greater good. They are keeping you in struggle, disharmony, exhaustion, illness, suffering, and lack. Sabotage can trap you in the oppressive grip of challenging situations.

These voices have been constructed from your conditioning from birth to the present. You’ve learned about life, health, money, relationships, and everything else of importance from your role models. The culture, media, science, religion, well meaning family and friends and “experts" on every subject imaginable continually influence your thoughts and the resulting voices in your head. How you choose to internalize them determines their impact on your health, weight, money, relationships, and everything else.

Every day you're faced with a myriad of decisions to make.  Your work, relationships, diet, health, activities, time management, and every aspect of your daily life require that you make choices.  Often they're made with little conscious awareness of why you've made them.  When the results aren't what you expected do you wonder why you made those choices and acted on them?

Far too many people are suffering with unintended consequences in their health, weight, personal and financial life. Your thoughts, words, and actions are the means by which you create everything in your life. Before a challenge becomes a crisis, there are indicators in your mental and emotional bodies. Negative thoughts and feelings precede every problem. So, it’s essential to stay aware of what you say when you talk to yourself and how those conversations make you feel.



Which Voice is Leading Your Life


Everyone has sabotaging sub-personalities. They are the result of fears you've been taught, taken on as personal truths, and often choose to live by. This is so even if you aren’t aware of it. These sub-personalities live in your mind and change as you go through life's experiences, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.


They undermine your efforts and hinder your success at any endeavor, including better health, weight loss, prosperity, healthy relationships; passions, fulfillment and balanced, nourishing living.


Who's your favorite saboteur? Worrisome Wanda, Peter Perfectionist, Negative Ned, Lois Lack, Critical Carla, Justin Justifier, Struggling Stan.... Wouldn't you like to transform them? They are ready and willing to be set free.


The good news is that you are innately equipped with Higher Mind, the wise, all-knowing Master personality within you. You can access Higher Mind any time you choose to. Doing so always creates the good things you desire. Higher Mind is constant. It is a tool you came into this life with to help you create a healthy, abundant life you love. This Higher Intelligence is awaiting your call. You’ll learn to build your relationship with Higher Mind in my June 16th webinar, Taming the Voice of  Sabotage.



Saboteur Transformers


Mental habits are a lot like physical exercise. You want a flat stomach and daily do many repetitions of sit-ups. Soon you're rewarded with a firm tummy.  When you repeat the same thoughts, sooner or later you're compensated with the likeness of those thoughts. Does that statement cause you to worry or feel confident?


1.      You can learn to train, guide and coach saboteurs into the Higher Mind Intelligence that is within you. First you have to be aware of these voices and the thoughts you are thinking. Pay attention. When they emerge detach from them. Just observe them; imagine someone else is thinking them. Don’t engage in a conversation with them or become emotionally wrapped up in them.


2.      Tell these sub-personalities that you no longer need them and are setting them free. Let them know you are now committed to living from the positive, life-affirming guidance of a Higher Intelligence. Treat them like unruly children by letting them know you are in control. Do so firmly with conviction. Keep it simple. Repeat it often.


3.      Redirect your thoughts to something that makes you feel good. It’s essential to know what you do want. Write it down. Include a calm, focused mind and conscious thinking with the ability to concentrate and keep your mind in the present.


4.      Take a look at your diet. How much junk food, fast food, processed food, sugar, and alcohol do you consume? They create junk thoughts and will weaken your ability to have clear, focused, positive thinking. Food is creating your body, mind and emotions. You’ll learn to use food in more detail in my Taming the Voice of  Sabotage webinar.


5.      Get away from phones, computers, televisions and other distractions. Sit quietly and take 5-10 long slow deep breaths until you feel relaxed and calm. Imagine light coming in through the top of your head and hold that image for as long as you can. Tell that light to illuminate your mind and visualize it happening. Twenty seconds is a good start. Don’t think about anything else but the light. You can do this practice as often as you like. Many times daily is recommended. Consistency of practice will align you with Higher Mind, a greater intelligence within you.



Do not underestimate the effectiveness of doing these simple practices consistently. To learn the bigger picture of  Taming the Voice of  Sabotage download the Program. You are capable of creating the wonderful reality you desire. You will amaze yourself with what you can create with a focused, positive, present mind. Doing so requires shifting your patterns of thought and feeling by upgrading your sub-personalities.


Transforming sabotage into the voice of Higher Mind will allow your life to flow with ease, good health, happiness and abundance. External circumstances will no longer control your mind and emotions and dictate your life. The joyful life you were meant to live is waiting for you to claim it. No longer allow fear-based voices to limit your potential.


©Deborah Barr, 2012-16.  All rights reserved


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Deborah Barr, 30-year Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor/Coach, speaker, and author, has helped thousands of clients reverse health and weight issues; achieve emotional harmony, radiant health, passion, peaceful living, work-life balance, and a life they love. In 1985 she founded Whole Health Resources, the premier Holistic Health Center in Pittsburgh. WHR’s mission is to promote the healing and development of body, mind and spirit, and to teach an understanding of the relationship between diet, attitudes, lifestyle and wellness. She offers free help through 2 e-newsletters, Holistic Weight Loss, and Whole Health Matters, and free articles. Subscribe to newsletters   She can be reached by calling 412.361.8600 or e-mailing


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