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3 Reasons You're Overweight Deborah Barr

Your body is fed and shaped by a variety of factors including the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the smells and sounds you are exposed to; environmental factors; your relationships; and life’s work.  You can learn to use all of these to work in your favor to achieve a healthy, fit body and mind, and a life you truly love.

Weight issues are not entirely about food. There are many reasons; some are simple and some are complex. Three common causes of excess weight are: failing to target the real cause; being a scientific dieter; and a body being held hostage by your mind.  These are the focus of this article.


Failing to Target the Real Cause

Margaret struggled with weight issues for about 10 years and tried several trendy diets which she could not maintain.  When I met with her she was eating what she considered to be a healthy diet--lots of salads, fruits, smoothies and lean proteins.  She had thyroid nodules and her physician recommended surgery to remove them along with her thyroid within the next 6-8 weeks. 

She was freezing cold all of the time, tired, bloated, constipated, depressed, anemic, and losing hair, most of which indicate thyroid problems.  But I did not see the thyroid as the main issues.  It was the foods she was eating that caused her thyroid to be problematic.  She was already on Synthyroid for years without results.

She experienced amazing results by eating foods and taking two professional herbal formulas that support kidney, adrenal, and thyroid health. I also had her emphasize the salty flavor with specific foods and not the salt shaker.  In 7 weeks this is what happened:  Margaret lost 12 pounds; reduction in size of 2 nodules and one completely gone (her physician decided to hold off on the surgery); no longer constipated and bloated; pain and swelling in her throat is gone; painful periods with sweats have become normal and healthy; hair stopped falling out and she eliminated anti-depressants with no adverse affects to her physical, mental or emotional health.

The Real Cause of Margaret’s weight gain and health issues was a diet that was cooling and weakening her kidneys, adrenals and thyroid.  It was not simply thyroid issues, or eating too many calories. 


Drying Up the Swamp

When I met with Vince he was puffy, bloated, swollen, overweight, and tired all the time.  He suffered with asthma, allergies, persistent sinus infections, high cholesterol, and intense muscular pain from statins.  He blamed his yearly weight gain on aging. I determined that Vince had internal mold, yeast and fungal issues which were the root cause of nearly every symptom he was experiencing, including weight gain.  The source was years of eating foods that created a damp, mucous condition in his lungs and digestive tract, and from living in a house with mold issues. 

I crafted a diet for him to dry the dampness and mucus, and advised him to eliminate foods he was consuming that were feeding the yeast, mold, and fungi.  This included an emphasis on common foods with pungent and bitter flavors.  Other foods were added to regenerate his immunity, lung and digestive health.  Included were some high quality herbal formulas.  Within days the puffiness was gone, and he lost 18 pounds within 6-8 weeks.  He is off all asthma medications except for one emergency inhaler; allergies are 85% better, and his energy has increased.  His cholesterol has gone down; he is off statins; and muscle pain is gone.  He also hired a professional to remedy his home's mold issues.

The real cause of his weight gain was an internal condition much like a swamp, and not aging as he (and many others) believed. 


Common Health Remedy Leads to Weight Gain

Julie was convinced by her physician and her previous alternative health practitioner that she needed to eat lots of protein from cheese and meat because she experienced low blood sugar.  Following this advice caused insatiable sweet cravings, irritability, and weight gain which she was unable to reduce.

I customized a diet for her that was high in easily absorbable minerals from food sources, and recommended many foods that include the sweet flavor from complex sugars and not the simple variety.  This is the best approach for hypoglycemia.  At the same time I replaced weak foods she was eating that cause mineral loss with satisfying, nourishing ones.  She lost the excess weight, her blood sugars have been normal, moods have improved, and she no longer has to eat every two hours.

The real cause of her weight gain was low blood sugar caused by eating many foods that deplete minerals, and using an extreme solution—excess animal protein.

None of these clients had to count calories, control their cravings, starve or deprive themselves, eat chemical diet foods, or over-exercise.  Restoring their internal condition to a healthy one was my goal, and still is with every person I counsel.  Healthy weight is always a natural result.

You may not have any of these health issues but something is out of balance within you.  When you create internal harmony you will not be overweight.  Learn how to assess your condition and make new choices by participating in my Holistic Weight Loss downloadable program.


Scientific Eating and Dieting

The scientific approach to weight loss includes counting calories and fat grams; weighing and measuring food; deprivation; control; and dangerous drugs and surgery that compromise your health.

Science believes that the way to understand food is through nutrients and calories.  This reductionist view has severe limitations.  This is evidenced by the growing numbers of overweight and sick people.

Nutritional Science spends billions of dollars isolating nutrients from foods in an attempt to find the perfect ones that will bring everyone good health and balanced weight.  This is a fragmented and futile approach.  Food affects each of us differently.  Not everyone benefits equally from foods that contain the same measure of nutrients and calories.  The effects of the food you eat are determined by your condition.

Studies on single nutrients are always suspect since it is not possible to truly isolate a compound’s effects.  All compounds work synergistically with what’s around them.

The value of food extends far beyond its nutrients.  Food has essence, characters, and energetic and therapeutic properties that surpass description and science.  This is more important than combination of nutrients and calories for reversing weight and health problems.

Nutritional Science is relatively young and has failed to take valuable cues from the wisdom of Traditional Healing Arts.  Science continually changes its mind.  Food studies are often disproven by the very experts who proved them in the first place.

Traditional Holistic Medicine is thousands of years old and based on solid principles that have not changed and continue to work to create healthy, fit, bodies and minds.  It offers an accurate dimension to food analysis that classifies food, disease, and weight issues according to simple patterns.  It understands the ways specific foods, herbs, and cooking methods affect different types of people; body and character types; conditions and ailments. 

I’ve known many, many people who were eating 1,000 calories daily or less and were still greatly overweight.  Most of the foods were reduced fat and it’s usually a chemical process to eliminate the fat from food.  Chemicals negatively impact metabolism, are toxic to your liver, and weaken your immunity.

When those people started eating real foods and flavors based on their body’s needs, weight came off easily even though these foods had more calories than low-cal foods.

Joan abandoned scientific dieting and lost 4 pounds in 9 days not by changing the food she was eating, but by changing the way she cooked it.  This worked by stimulating her metabolism.

Sam dropped 10 pounds in a month by having dinner at 6 p.m. rather than having dinner 30 minutes before going to bed.  He also cut his evening cocktails by 70% and says he doesn’t miss them.  Doing so eliminated night sweats, poor sleep, skin rashes, and improved weight loss.  He did not count calories, eat low-cal chemical food, or increase exercise--the approach espoused by scientific experts.


Is Your Body Being Held Hostage by Your Mind

Does your past control your present?  You’ve had thousands of experiences in your lifetime and they have shaped who you are today. From them you’ve constructed a view of yourself and a set of personal truths that guide your life.  Most people do not even know what their guiding truths are.

Are you still angry at your first grade teacher?  Do you resent a fellow employee who received a promotion you felt you deserved 10 years ago?  Were you told you’re fat, unattractive, worthless, or any other negatives by parents, relatives, mean-spirited children or adults?  Did your mother take you to endless weight loss doctors and constantly disapprove of what you ate?  Is your brother still the object of your resentment for taking credit for something wonderful you did when you were children?   Have you been unable to move beyond shame or guilt for something you did in the past?

Memories that lurk in the corners of your mind hold your body hostage.  Resentments, grudges, anger, blame, guilt and shame carry a heaviness to them that lives in and on your body.  These emotional states can only be about the past and the past is birth to one second ago.

Emotions have energy to them.  When the negative ones are not dealt with and released in healthy ways, they clog you up and cause stagnation manifesting as weight and/or health issues.

Do you think thoughts such as, I can't do it, I'm not capable, I'm unattractive, fat, ugly, I'm a failure, I don't have what it takes....... These and other negative judgments are mentally cruel and brutal. They cause strong personal truths to develop that conflict with weight loss.  Hit the delete button in your mind and put those thoughts in the trash.  Find many things you like about yourself right now and create new statements that align with a healthy, fit body.  Save them in your mental computer.  Soon they’ll guide you to choices that are congruent with weight loss

Every experience has a positive gift in it. Find it and the past, which exists only in your mind, will release its hold on your body. You will move beyond the negative into your healthy, abundant and joyful potential.

Everybody has had negative experiences and made mistakes. You can decide to learn from them, release them, and move forward, or cling to your pain, hold on tightly to your anger and guilt and keep it all alive in and on your body. It is a choice and it is keeping you from a healthy, fit body. Many people have had terrible things happen to them in their lives. It is not my intention to diminish what you've been through. However, holding onto anger, resentment, and blame only hurts the one doing the holding. If you're having difficulty with this, seek some counseling or Holistic Life Coaching   to learn ways to transform and make peace with the past.


Stories your mind uses to keep you overweight

Most people have a bundle of contradictions within them.  Do you say you want a slender, healthy, fit body, and believe age, menopause, genetics or anything you have no control over is the cause?  Your mind will not allow your body to lose since your beliefs oppose a healthy, fit body.

Do you believe you have to exercise vigorously daily and drastically cut calories to lose weight?  Have you been seduced by the no pain, no gain theory?   If so, your subconscious mind will steer you away from weight loss as a means to protect you from pain.  I highly recommended you choose a new theme and make it stick.

Roberta did extreme exercise daily.  Her mind told her this is what she had to do to lose weight.  Yet it wasn’t working.  From what I knew of her as a participant in Holistic Weight Loss, her body type did not warrant extreme exercise which was driving the excess deeper into her body.  I got her to agree to only do yoga and walking (no power walking) for two weeks.  She lost 12 pounds in those two weeks by relaxing her exercise.


Are you convinced that weight loss can be far easier and permanent?  A Holistic approach takes some effort and education, and can be simplified with professional help.  I've witnessed the struggles of countless people in my 30-year counseling practice and  it has been disheartening to learn the many irrational, extreme, even dangerous methods those people have used to lose weight.  Many have harmed their health in the process.  You can have it all -- good health, a slender, fit body, mental and emotional harmony, and a life you love.  It depends on you and your choices.  Read Holistic Weight Loss Success Stories.

Consider my Holistic Weight Loss Downloadable Program.  If you have questions call 412.361.8600 or send an email to


There are many popular food plans and no lack of internet advice from thousands of people who lack an understanding of food therapeutics and have little or no professional training.  Good marketing sells fads to people who are desperately trying to recover good health and lose weight.  Current scientific findings often contradict previous findings by the same experts.  A perfect diet that will bring everyone good health does not exist and accepting this fact is a good starting point for achieving balanced health.  

Consider some professional guidance for the right nutrition and holistic health plan for you.  Schedule an Introductory Holistic Health and Nutrition session and you'll be on your way to better health and a slimmer body. A Whole Health approach is not one-size-fits-all.  It's essential  to get to the core causes of your weight and health issues in order to permanently revere them.  Sessions can be done by skype, phone, or at my Pittsburgh office.

Questions? Call 412.361,8600 or send an email to 

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