In recent years, more and more people have developed hypersensitivity to many, many substances. Allergic reactions extend beyond food to animal hair, dust, water, etc. Common symptoms are frequent colds, hay fever, skin disease, sore throats, mucus problems, digestive disorders, headaches, sleep problems, fatigue and depression. Some people are sensitive to many foods and substances without being fully allergic. Allergies represent poor immunity, lung disharmonies, and a major malfunction in the antigen-deactivating capacity of the liver, and unhealthy colon function. Psychologically allergies may be related to an inability to accept the world as it is, fear of taking in life, unresolved grief, feelings of isolation, separation, and arrogance.

My “Whole Health” approach works at the level of nutrition therapy, emotional clearing, attitudinal healing, appropriate physical activity, breath work, spiritual centering, and Chinese herbs. One or more of the above may be recommended.

Sneezing, wheezing, sniffles and withdrawing from activities that give you enjoyment are not a necessary or inevitable part of life. Deborah can help you where others have failed. Let her assess your individual allergy situation by contacting her and mentioning our web site. Call 412.361.8600 for a free 30-minute initial evaluation/consultation by phone or in our Pittsburgh office.