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All possibilities exist simultaneously for each of us - health or sickness; success or failure; prosperity or poverty; passion or malaise; joy or sadness, love or lack of love. If you are experiencing the negative aspect it is possible to experience its opposite. Problems are a way of getting our attention so that we can make changes and experience every aspect of our lives in a healthier, more joyful way.

Our mission at WHR is to help you understand how your choices are a contributing factor to every aspect of your health and life. We then guide you toward making new choices that will create the reality you desire. Whether your issues are health, career, weight, relationships or finances, you have much more control over your life and health than you realize.

The basis for our philosophy is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM views all phenomenon as vibrational energy. We attract to ourselves the energy of what is most like us. Every choice we make--whether it be food, thoughts, beliefs, life's work, who we are in relationship with, or the kind of environment we live and work in--create our unique vibrational quality. If you do not like the results you are getting in your life, health, weight, we will identify your patterns of imbalance and offer recommendations to correct the problem(s) from a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual perspective.
The principles of Attitudinal Healing are a useful and life-changing complement to TCM. This modality is characterized as a spiritual psychotherapy and is very effective at getting to the "root" of problems.

Vibrant health and joyful, abundant living are our birthright. This is not an idealistic concept, but an attainable reality for all of us with understanding, guidance, and support from WHR. If you haven't done it on your own by now, perhaps you can use our guidance and support.

Let us guide you toward the radiant, happy, fulfilled, and peaceful you that is just waiting to emerge. We believe in you and your ability to create a better reality for yourself. We are eager to help you make the impossible-possible. For over 22 years we have been helping clients reverse chronic, acute and degenerative health conditions; lose weight healthfully and naturally long-term; and create a life they love. The first step is your desire to change your situation. The second step is to call us-412.361.8600.

Welcome to WholeHealth!

Health and Peace to You,
Deborah Barr, Founder


VISION - To be a national resource for those wanting to improve the quality of their health and lives; to create a peaceful, healthful society by creating peaceful, healthy individuals.

MISSION - To enhance the healing and development of body, mind and spirit; to create an understanding of the relationship between diet, attitudes, lifestyle and wellness; to help others find the perfection in themselves and the meaning in their lives.

VALUES - To provide an authentic experience of passionate, radiant living in an encouraging, inspiring environment.

These are our commitment to you, our clients and our soon-to-be clients.


The following conditions are just a few with which we have had extraordinary success in providing holistic, effective treatment and prevention for our clients. You are not alone. . .we are here for you in your pursuit of WholeHealth.

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