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Here, you can learn more about my extensive training and experience in Holistic medicine. But, I want to get to know you better and learn more about the health and lifestyle challenges you're facing right now.

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Deborah Barr is one of the most experienced and professionally trained  Holistic Health and Nutrition counselors in the United States and  beyond. Since 1985, she has helped clients achieve renewed health, vital energy, weight loss, lifestyle changes, and inner peace with her unique "whole person" approach to health, weight, and lifestyle issues. Her work focuses on healing the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual dimensions of life.  Her Holistic approach extends to all aspect of one's life, including success, leadership, relationships, health, and prosperity.

Over 30 years clinical experience helping clients reverse disease and create lives they love

Deborah's interest in Holistic Healing was first sparked in 1980 and she began professional studies in 1985. She completed Leadership Studies at the Kushi

Deborah Barr

Institute of Boston and the Berkshire Center of Massachusetts, with a strong emphasis on dietary healing, whole foods cooking, food energetics, oriental diagnosis (psyiognomy), shiatsu massage therapy, and spiritual development.  She trained with the top Macrobiotic teachers and has been a Macrobiotic Counselor for 31 years.

She received training in Shiatsu massage therapy with internationally renowned practitioners David Sergal, Shizuko Yamamoto and Saul Goodman. She is also trained in Foot Reflexology. Her background includes many years of training in whole foods nutrition, spiritual development, meditation, and yoga.

Deborah completed the Facilitator's training in Attitudinal healing with the Institute for Attitudinal Studies, Washington, D. C. in 1988 and received certification in Spiritual Psychotherapy.  

She has received professional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on nutritional therapy and herbal medicine from the East West School of Herbology, Santa Cruz, CA, and has been a student of Holistic aromatherapy with the Institute of Dynamic Aromatherapy.  Deborah has also studied Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine with Andrew Gaeddert, master herbalist, author and founder of Health Concerns.  She has studied with many International Spiritual Teachers.  Her extensive yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training spans over 35 years, including Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

She received professional training in Coaching and completed TeleClass Leader Training in 2002.

She was a Chef at Green Acres Natural Foods Restaurant, Pittsburgh, in the 1980's, and had her own Natural Foods Catering Business in the 1980's as well.  She taught Natural Foods and Vegan Cooking Classes throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region for 18 years.  Deborah has also been a popular Yoga and Meditation Instructor.

Deborah has counseled those with chronic, acute, and degenerative disease, weight issues, and emotional imbalances, combining nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and attitudinal healing. 

Some of the health conditions she has successfully worked with include: cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases, pain, cholesterol and blood pressure issues, PMS, menopause, and other female problems, infertility, depression and other emotional issues, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, blood disorders, aids, hepatitis, nervous system disorders, hormonal problems, infertility, diabetes & hypoglycemia, skin problems, chemical sensitivities, immune deficiencies, weight problems (overweight and underweight), and more. She has a high success rate and has helped clients with many difficult and unusual conditions.

She works with clients to create a personalized wellness plan for prevention and longevity. Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling Details

Her Holistic Life Coaching has helped thousands of people transform stress; understand the mental/emotional/spiritual causes and solutions for life's challenges; create work-life balance; and more fulfilling, passionate, joyful and abundant lives.

A Whole Health approach is not one-size-fits-all.

Deborah is one of the very few counselors/coaches in the world who has extensive training and clinical experience in the relationship and connection between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit; how they each impact the other; and how everything you choose from food, attitudes, lifestyle, relationships, environment, and life's work feeds and creates you and everything in your life moment by moment.  Deborah combines solid counseling recommendations for your uniqueness with coaching. 

Some coaches or counselors are trained in single disciplines; some in nutrition, others in personal development or energy medicine, etc. Deborah's 29 years of professional training and clinical experience in a variety of modalities have given her expertise in numerous disciplines with a high success rate for healthy, fit bodies and minds, balanced, nourishing lives; and inner peace. She has been providing Holistic Services long before it was popular, and offers a full range of coaching/counseling services via phone, Skype, and/or email, or in her Pittsburgh office.


Popular speaker & writer nationally. . .

Deborah's work has been featured on numerous television stations like KDKA-TV and WQEX-TV. Articles about Whole Health Resources have appeared in many publications including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Press, In Pittsburgh Newsweekly, Western Pennsylvania Health and Fitness Magazine, and City Paper. Deborah has been a frequent contributor to Successful Woman newspaper, which named her one of "25 Women Who Make a Difference" in the PA tri-state area in 1995, as well as Western Pa Health and Fitness. She wrote a regularly column, Holistic Solutions, for Allegheny Women.  She has written and published many health related articles for various publications including Squirrel Hill Magazine, Western Pa Health and Fitness, Point of Light, and others.

She is a member of Pittsburgh Coaches Association, past member of National Speakers Association, Member and past board member of PA Speakers Association, and is featured in AmeriNet Central's Directory of Speakers. She has presented her Holistic approach in workshops to Pittsburgh Human Resources Association 51st Annual Conference; Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York; Kushi International Macrobiotic Health Conference, Westfield, Massachusetts; Hospital Council of Western PA; Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania HealthPLACE; Duquesne University; Carnegie Mellon University; Ohio University; Fayette County Drug and Alcohol, The Health and Life Enrichment Expo in Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA, Magee-Women's Hospital "Celebration of Women" conference, the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, and Allegheny College, Meadville. She has also presented to Children's Hospital and Jefferson Hospital.

Deborah's company, Whole Health Resources, has had a past 2-year affiliation with Magee-Women's Hospital offering Holistic Health services and classes at their WomanCare Centers in Oakland, Bethel Park, Wexford, Monroeville, and Coraopolis.

Deborah is currently working on a series of "Whole Health" Guidebooks including Practical Spirituality, Eating Your Way To Success, Fitness From The Inside Out and Be Your Own Weight Loss Guru, Healing Power of Food, and has authored a series of Holistic Health Booklets on specific health topics for self-empowering health.

Her Life and Health by Design Program is now available. It is a Holistic Guide for Co-Creating Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity. You'll transform stress, struggle, doubt and sabotage; create a healthy, fit body and a clear focused mind; end cycles of procrastination and lack, poor health and failure, and so much more. Details Here

If you would like to find out why countless clients for over 29 years have praised Deborah's role in their health recoveries,  send an email to  or call her at 412.361.8600 to discuss your challenges.   WholeHealth Life Coaching and Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling

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